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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. So, if you’re all caught up and you kind of like my stuff, you may find this interesting.

I haven’t posted because I’m working on a new novel. I haven’t published any new novels for a few years. I wrote a rough draft of one during Covid lockdown, but it remains in rough draft to this day. I began this one this year and am now piecing the parts into a draft.

I thought I’d share parts of it as blog posts. Today’s post is still a rough draft. It is a portion of what currently is the Introduction. It will also serve today as a sort of introduction of what I am now working on. I’d love feedback.


Jack Frontenac

Hi, I’m Jack Frontenac. An easy way to remember my name in association with what I’m about is with this, I’ll call it, syllabic verse.

I am Jack


Play it back

I am Jack


I am introducing this book entitled You’re the One. It is subtitled The True Story of Jack and Jill. I am obviously the Jack part and will narrate much of the story. I will let Jill tell her part of the story at times – the parts where I am not involved and therefore have no point of reference or accurate knowledge.

You know the nursery rhyme about Jack and Jill. You’ve probably wondered about who the Jack and Jill were or maybe you didn’t. Some claim the original has to do with Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down

And broke his crown

And Jill came tumbling after

Then there’s the kid’s nursery rhyme with more verses involving medical attention and spankings, etc. that fewer people know or have heard.

Well, these memoirs about Jill Norris and myself have nothing to do with either tale. Thus, the subtitle’s claim of the REAL story of Jack and Jill. Our story has more to do with “you’re the one” than anything else.

Jill and I thought we might need to clear that up for you before you get started. You know, unpack that baggage to avoid confusion or disappointment. I’m going to let Jill explain more to help you understand more about our existence. This will help us all begin on the same page.

Jill Norris

My name is Jill Norris for the sake of this novel. The author, Doug Knight and I became acquainted with each other back in his pre-teen years. I say acquaintances but truthfully, young Doug created me. I was known as Jane Norris up until this book. The true story of Jack and Jane didn’t seem to have the same literary appeal as Jack and Jill. So, for this story, I’m Jill Norris.

My origin was as an illustration. To be truly honest but sounding a bit boastful, I was probably a pubescent boy’s well endowed ideal woman. Then I showed up as the heroine of some comic book type stories where I portray many different characters from cowgirl to super hero’s or detective’s girlfriend. That’s why we’ve decided to make me an actress for this novel.

Now, Jack is also a creation of the author. He was never an illustration but was a part of a make believe rock band called the Rythmers. When he wasn’t playing ball or drawing, Doug liked to write songs in his pre-teens. In my opinion, the lyrics are obviously composed from a simple adolescent mind. So, you may have to use your imagination to believe they are brilliant and moving. Nevertheless, Jack is a musician and songwriter and a few lyrics will be shared.

I would have preferred a third party narrator, specifically the author because who knows you better than your Creator. But Jack and I will share the responsibility with our Creator’s guidance along the way as He has always done throughout our imaginary lives.

So, this story of Jack and Jill has been germinating in the author’s imagination for many, many, many years. Maybe this book is some sort of catharsis of who knows what. Maybe it’s a reliving of some lost youth for the author.

Whatever it is, we all hope you enjoy You’re the One: the true story of Jack and Jill.

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