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Day by Day

Here is more of the rough draft of my next novel, You’re the One: The True Story of Jack and Jill. Jack Frontenac is the member of the Rythmers, a Rock band. They have finished a concert in Jack’s hometown a couple of days ago. The plan is for the […]

Prom Date

Parts of the fiction novel as I create the first drafts of You’re the One: The True Story of Jack and Jill. That memory should go down as one of the happiest experiences of my teen life. It is the most memorable, but in more ways than one. Prom is […]

Jack Gets Bold

Here is another excerpt from the novel I’m currently writing entitled You’re the One: The True Story of Jack and Jill. This is the third of the excerpts. The first is “Current Project” and the other is “Jack and Jill in Junior High.” In this installment, Jack and Jill are […]

Jack and Jill in Junior High

I am in the process of writing the rough draft of another novel, You’re the One: The True Story of Jack and Jill (see blog post “Current Project (So Far).” In the meantime, I thought I’d share an excerpt from time to time. I invite any feedback. This is a […]

Current Project (So Far)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new. So, if you’re all caught up and you kind of like my stuff, you may find this interesting. I haven’t posted because I’m working on a new novel. I haven’t published any new novels for a few years. I wrote a rough […]

What Is A Patriot?

He wore a black cap emblazoned in front with WWII Veteran on the front and a pin he received from a Life Flight to Washington DC. This is one of my fondest visual memories of my father, Warner Harold Knight. He was a patriot.

Can you write me a song?

There aren’t many songs with my name in it.” “What’s your name?” “Melissa.” “That’s probably because it’s hard to rhyme and it has one too many syllables.” “Can you write a song about me?” “May I use Missy instead?” “No, I prefer Melissa.” I think for a while. I want […]

Discovery in a Cave E3

Harold’s hand smacks the cave wall just beside my head, “Why did you ever come here?” “Something deep within me,” My voice trembling even though I try not to appear shaken. Harold smacks the cave wall again, “The question was rhetorical.” He punches the wall with his fist and then […]

Discovery in a Cave E2

I’m not Sasquatch Listening to Harold speak with such a rich tone and perfect diction, I forget about his bizarre appearance, but then I look up and all I can think is how much he resembles pictures I’ve seen of Big Foot. “Have you ever been mistaken for Big Foot?” […]