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Ivy Davis’ special Australian honeymoon becomes a horror when she, her husband, and a Tongan acquaintance survive shipwreck on an exotic uncharted island possessed by Satan worshipers. Among their many daring ordeals is the decision of how much to trust Bobbi, a strange, mystical female who offers to help them escape the demonic forces of the island and return to civilization.

On Satan’s Island

Douglas A. Knight's third novel, an occult thriller



Josh Crockett, psychologist leaves his home and practice in Florida to begin a new life in Melo, Indiana where he met and fell in love with beautiful Marcy James. But now, she is having doubts about their relationship. The two need to talk, but not until Marcy puts the attack and its aftermath behind her. He must help her cope while at the same time counsel one of her attackers as a favor for his best friend Paul Palato.

Revenge, lust, rage, jealousy, love plot the course for this action-packed adventure romance novel that shares how people might deal with the concepts of love and justice differently when it is personal than when it affects strangers.

This novel uses real life human responses to things like physical attack, distrust and doubt to provide the reader with a thought for whether a person can show mercy and still find justice and what might happen when we forgive rather than condemn another.

Through the Valley of the Shadow is the second in a series following the first novel A River Bend. Yet, at the same time, using many of the characters in the first, telling a tale that can stand alone on its own.

Marcy James’ simple, easy life is changed after she is attacked, nearly raped, and her life threatened one night after a bizarre meeting with the wife of a former lover. The attackers escape police and Marcy knows she is being stalked by one of her attackers.

Paul Palato makes a major career decision encouraged by the mayor of Melo, Indiana. But this decision may have consequences that threaten his professional, spiritual and personal life. He becomes the public defender for one of Marcy James’ attackers. Marcy is also his best friend, Josh Crockett’s lover.

Can Marcy stay strong or will she lose faith? Will she suffer more physical harm? What will become of Josh’s and Marcy’s relationship? Will Josh lose the woman he wants to marry? Will he have to chose between his best friend and Marcy?

Through the Valley of the Shadow

A romantic intrigue fiction novel: Marcy James finds her easy, rich life disrupted. She is confused about her feelings for Josh Crockett and Geoff Westin. But this dilemma becomes the least of her issues when she is attacked and nearly raped by a gang and continually stalked by one of the attackers.


UcoverJosh Crockett, a thirty-three-year-old psychologist and author, travels back home to Melo, Indiana, at the request of his high school best friend, Paul Palato. Having read Josh’s book, Living Faith, Paul invites Josh to come for an extended visit and teach the church’s youth the concepts found in the book. Because it is the church his father founded and where Josh grew up and because Paul is still one of his closest friends, Josh decides to answer Paul’s invitation.

Josh involves himself in the lives of several people in Melo, such as Marcy James, who has inherited several businesses in Melo, including the Riverbend Apartments where Josh and Marcy both reside. Their chance meeting and subsequent other meetings grow into a very strong bond of friendship.

Desmond Niemeier, the head deacon at the church, believes Josh Crockett is too good to be true. He works to uncover dark secrets from Josh’s past and exposes suspicious behavior, such as the hours Josh spends with Marcy since his return back to Melo, Indiana.

Josh questions why God allows this to happen. He also struggles with whether his true feelings for Marcy James are love or physical attraction. Josh feels too that God is pulling him in two directions by giving him good opportunities to stay in Melo and equally noble motives to return to his home and practice in Corona, Florida. How will he know which is God’s will? What is to become of Marcy and Josh?

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