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Can you write me a song?

There aren’t many songs with my name in it.”

“What’s your name?”


“That’s probably because it’s hard to rhyme and it has one too many syllables.”

“Can you write a song about me?”

“May I use Missy instead?”

“No, I prefer Melissa.”

I think for a while. I want so badly to impress this beauty with those almond shaped brown eyes, long ivory neck resting on creamy shoulders and soft pink lips that I so much want to kiss. Then, as suddenly as a flash of lightning illuminates the darkness, my mind fills with words.

I grab the pen we use to autograph whatever a fan might wish signed and we’ve signed some strange things. Fortunately, Melissa brings a diary or journal to sign.

I jot down the first line about her eyes and then our evening together, embellished a bit and then followed by the challenge. I’m super proud of it until I hand it to her and rehearse it in my head.

Exotic dark eyes are to blame
For this shy boy to ask your name
Just one dance becomes a few
Share a laugh, a dream or two
One fabulous night? I don’t know
A youthful memory or will it grow
If just one night, O, sweet Melissa
Make it so right and let me kiss ya

“Stupid, I know.”

“A little bit maybe, but I really like it.”

She cups her hands on my cheeks and leans in to me. We kiss. It is tender, beautiful and sweet – a lasting memory of a special night.

We trade correspondence only one time each after that night. The short span of time we shared together inspires songs and tales and smiles even to this day.

I never see Melissa ever again after that night. We never talk or write after one exchange. Yet, I’ve never forgotten the Melissa who asked me for a song. I wonder if she remembers the boy who wrote her a tune with her name in it.

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Douglas Knight

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