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The nervous laugh. The muddled head. The goofy, tense posture. The dumb face and dumpy body. I wish I was better at doing TV interviews. But for some reason, that’s not to be. I recently did an interview on a local station that helps locals promote their work, fundraisers, etc. […]

Power of the Message

The part of the World that claims to be reborn often fails to proclaim the kingdom of God, but instead proclaims their idea of right and wrong. It isn’t so much about right and wrong as it is about the inability to relate with God Who is a spirit. We are all incapable until we are born of the Spirit.

What Created This Division?

Facebook, TV, Religion, Politics, and Society in general has grown more and more divisive in my life time. Democrats blame Republicans. One culture blames another culture.  One country blames another country.  Some believe religion is the real problem. Some think our politicians promote division. Who or what is truly at […]

When Misjudged and Misunderstood

“Is that Paul with you?” Lon wonders.               “No, Paul is not with me.” These words leave a bitter taste in Josh’s mouth as he remembers his feeling of betrayal from his long- time friend. “You said you’re with a friend,” Lon pries, “Is someone I know?” “It’s Marcy James,” Josh […]