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Jack Gets Bold

Here is another excerpt from the novel I’m currently writing entitled You’re the One: The True Story of Jack and Jill. This is the third of the excerpts. The first is “Current Project” and the other is “Jack and Jill in Junior High.”

In this installment, Jack and Jill are attending high school together. Jack follows the instrumental music and Jill pursues drama. Jack and Jill, though are occasionally in other classes together. Here, Jack is in the auditorium between music class and literature where he knows Jill is.

I often used the auditorium entrance to Ms. Bernard’s room as my last class was instrumental music in the band room next to the auditorium. A door led out of the band room into the auditorium, and it was a straight shot from there along and in front of the stage to Ms. Bernard’s class.

On one occasion, I found myself in the auditorium headed to Ms. Bernard’s class after Mr. Harvey Hartley let us out early. Mr. Hartley dismissed us early any time before or after this one occasion. Why this day? God only knows.  

I stopped at the piano and began to play a song I had composed all my own. Why had I composed a song? I’ll tell you later. For now, only God knows. As I warmed up, I must have become louder because I began to draw a crowd. Or maybe I was trying to draw a crowd or at least a certain crowd.

People came from all directions including the band room, the main hallway in front of the auditorium and of course, Ms. Bernard’s room. One of those people was Jill who I actually composed the song for. Another onlooker was Ms. Bernard.

Ms. Bernard had one of those faces that was hard to read. She would be good at poker, I believe. She was attractive for a mature woman in her late thirties, early forties. But during the time I knew her, I could never tell if she was pleased or displeased.  

Since I thought I was in trouble anyway, I began to sing the lyrics I’d written for the song.

I have only three words to say.
I’ve pondered on them night and day.
Please know these words are true.
Dearest darling, I love you.

If I searched the world far and wide
Wouldn’t matter how hard I tried.
I’d never find one like you.
O, sweet baby, I love you.

There was more and the tune is better than the lyrics. Looking back, I know there were guffaws, eye rolls and laughter. But all I heard was applause because Jill was smiling that rapid pulse-inducing smile when I finished. I felt super, on top of the world, Jill, my dream girlfriend was smiling, not just any smile but a special one at me.

The smile quickly dissolves. My heart went from beating rapidly to nearly stopping altogether.

“When class is over, Mr. Frontenac, I want a moment of your time,” Ms. Bernard’s words caused a near stampede as all the onlookers scattered like pigeons in the park when a body walks into their midst.

When Ms. Bernard uses your last name preceded by a formal title, she means serious business. I learned nothing from class discussion that day. I was playing too many possible scenarios of our private conversation after class – none of them pleasant.

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