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Alone, But Not Alone

“Good night, Marcy,” Josh says as Marcy enters the elevator. Marcy glances toward the other passenger and smiles. The elevator door begins to close. “I love you, Marcy James,” Josh states through the ever-narrowing opening. Marcy starts to reply, but the door is shut tight and the elevator begins its […]

Beauty From Ashes

Have you ever felt God had vanished or was so far away and out of reach? I must confess that I have and not just once, but several times. Each time, I learned that God did not abandon me, but was drawing nearer. I also learned more about who I […]

Passionate Kiss

Song of Songs or Song of Solomon is to me an allegory of the relationship between God, the King-lover and the Church, his bride. The next one or more blog posts will be dedicated to a study of this book as well as to consider how that relationship is meant […]

Song of Songs Study

My purpose for this entire blogging exercise is to glorify God by expressing how much love he has for us and how much he has shown me. I also have written and published two fictional novels, A River Bend and Through the Valley of the Shadow, to try and get […]

Answering Adam

This morning, my son posted a Facebook Live and asked this question, “What does Romans 6:23 mean to you?” He asked anyone and everyone who view his post to answer. So, I thought I’d respond. “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life […]