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Pay It Forward?

What if life to the max is about the good that happens through us and not to us? Wouldn’t that be more like Christ? John 10:10, “… I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.” When did Christianity become about the authority of a […]

Make America Great?

I watched a video that a Facebook friend sent me and it encouraged me to follow up with this response. I agree fundamentally with some of the conclusions made by the group who produced this video. I am not endorsing or advocating against its candidate or any other candidate named […]

Lessons From Suffering

Dr. Charles Swindoll, speaking as chancellor to faculty, staff and student body at Dallas Theological Seminary, January 12, 2005, attempted to answer the question of suffering. His reasoning was to encourage the student body not to give up. He commenced his talk by sharing some of the tragic things that […]

Dear Father

Dear Father, Help me recall how loving, powerful, just and loving you are. Remind me that I am no more capable or in control than any other person on Earth without you, but with you, I can carry out your desire for me. Make my desire the same as your […]

Marcy Recalls His Love

Another Sunday morning and Marcy sleeps in. Going to church was never habit-forming for her before her brother, Lee finally encouraged her to go.  After Josh left, attending feels awkward and Marcy feels out of place. Marcy hates feeling like she doesn’t belong and she definitely despises feeling unwanted. At […]

Christianity And Art

Nearly everyone listens to some type of music. There are still people who love to read. Movies are wonderful entertainment for millions. There are very few people who do not confess to watching too much TV and most of those confessors are liars. I could also mention painting, sculptures and […]

A New Year

What will 2016 bring? For me, starting January 18th, I will be retired from working as an standard business unit manager of a Customer Care Center. Many have asked me how will I stay busy. First, my wife, who is younger than I am and not ready to retire, has […]