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Discovery in a Cave E 11

I Want A Lawyer!

“Mr. Simon, you and Mr. …,” the detective looks down at his notes, “Mr. Truman have admitted to taking the life of another.”

“I’m not answering any more questions until I have a lawyer present,” Gavin Simon folds his arms across his chest and sets his jaw.

In another interrogation room, Owen Truman continues to answer Detective Theophilus’ questions and tell his tale.

“I did not kill Big Foot. Gavin stabbed him several times. He did it to keep the monster from killing me, though. And I’m sure once Big Foot finished with me, he’d go after to kill Gavin. I owe Gavin my life.”

“I don’t understand what provoked the attack. Where did Gavin get the knife? Did you threaten Big Foot or whoever he is?”

Before Owen can answer, the other detective (I never learned his name) enters and asks Avery Theophilus to step out into the hallway. When Detective Theophilus returns, Owen requests a lawyer.

Language & Depth of Feeling

At first I peruse the journal for names or a link to someone or some organization who has a close connection to Harold. I soon stray from this focus.

Harold’s observations are keen. His language shows him to be of above average intellect. I occasionally find dispersed throughout poetry revealing a depth of feeling I that definitely human.

I also notice that unless attacked or provoked like I did to him, Harold goes out of his way to avoid conflict. Most of the time, avoiding human contact by remaining hidden and distant.

His detachment from other humans is something that caused him the most pain. He often mentions this in his journal. Blaming his parents, the haters and once or twice God.


I become moved especially by a poem I found actually written on notebook paper yellowed by age. It is written in pencil. I believe it to be written by Harold during his early teens or late pre-teen years being found inside a notebook containing school notes and personal notes dated in the early 1990’s.


You spoke to me
But I wish
Your mouth
Wasn’t shaped like
Eating Sourpatch when you say
My name
Neither Harry
Nor Hairy
You spoke
To me
It could be
The beginning of
A beautiful

Similar other entries written during his time at the orphanage indicate that growing up there was a constant barrage of teasing, bullying, ridicule and at best, snubbing. Some of the staff tried to help but that help often created more barriers.

Harold seemed to have a friend or two from time to time, though. Most of the time the entry is only a first name. There is one friend for whom Harold writes that he calls Lum and sometimes Ben. He writes his name in an entry when they first meet as Ben Lumley.

I continue to read entries. I understand why he was homeless, why he was suspicious of other human beings and why he could become so defensive. It makes sense to me now.

I discover that he had better reason to be suspicious and defensive than I did. My bias was based on appearance. His bias was based on years of misunderstanding and mistreatment on the part of others just like me.

Maybe the best thing I can do for Harold Piegrand is share his story.

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