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Marcy Recalls His Love

Another Sunday morning and Marcy sleeps in. Going to church was never habit-forming for her before her brother, Lee finally encouraged her to go.  After Josh left, attending feels awkward and Marcy feels out of place. Marcy hates feeling like she doesn’t belong and she definitely despises feeling unwanted. At […]

Christianity And Art

Nearly everyone listens to some type of music. There are still people who love to read. Movies are wonderful entertainment for millions. There are very few people who do not confess to watching too much TV and most of those confessors are liars. I could also mention painting, sculptures and […]

A New Year

What will 2016 bring? For me, starting January 18th, I will be retired from working as an standard business unit manager of a Customer Care Center. Many have asked me how will I stay busy. First, my wife, who is younger than I am and not ready to retire, has […]

Harsh Criticism

I felt for a long time that the character flaw in someone else that I am most aware of and am most critical of is often one of my own weaknesses.  Could this be what Paul wrote about in Romans chapter 2? The New International Version translates the verse I […]

New Years Resolution

I have never really made resolutions for a new year and to be honest, don’t plan to  start this year. But every year I do try to set some goals for the year to come. Maybe that’s the same thing. The difference in my mind is because any goal setting […]

Love of God

I have benefited from reading and attending a class study of Richard Rohr’s book Breathing Under Water. I have learned how self righteous I have been but most of all how loving and patient God has been with me.

What To Write

I have suffered from a severe case of writer’s block. I’ve heard about it and thought it was an imaginary, made-for-movies thing.  It now seems real. I also have been doing some soul searching to learn more about who I am and more importantly what God means to me.  I […]