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Dangerous Debutante E 22

In the last episode: Mark is visited by JT Mendoza who confesses to slipping a Mickey as a joke in Monica De La Croix’s drink which lead to her death. JT rejects Mark’s advice to go to the police and confess. JT reminds Mark that if he talks to the […]

Burdens Light

I find it difficult to really open up to people. It is easier for me to listen and empathize. What I have discovered is that I share more easily with those who have freely shared with me and sharing is therapeutic. “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you […]

Marcy Recalls His Love

Another Sunday morning and Marcy sleeps in. Going to church was never habit-forming for her before her brother, Lee finally encouraged her to go.  After Josh left, attending feels awkward and Marcy feels out of place. Marcy hates feeling like she doesn’t belong and she definitely despises feeling unwanted. At […]