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February 7: A Prayer

I have yet to truly fathom just how magnificent you are God. I believe with all my heart you created all things. I just never stop to really think what all that means. Brennan Manning lays it out so beautifully in Chapter 2 of Ragamuffin Gospel. Yet, that describes only […]

In His Presence

I see him standing there. His arms outstretched beckoning. I am humbled to run into Jesus’ arms. I would feel uneasy in any other man’s embrace. But this is not any other man. Jesus loves me with the purest of hearts. No guile is found in him. Not only am […]

A Very Good Man

He has been blessed with a successful business. His wife and children are sheltered and well-fed. His family is respected in the community. The priests know him by name because he never misses an opportunity to pray and offer at the synagogue. Yet, even now as Baruch pays homage to […]

On Satan’s Island

Shortly, I will be releasing another novel, On Satan’s Island. This time, the story will be a supernatural adventure story, not a romance or romance adventure. But like Through the Valley of the Shadow, the chapter titles are also song titles. The songs that they mirror will not be secular rock […]

The Benefits of Reading

Dr. Seuss said about the benefits of reading, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” I did some Googling (used Google to research) about the benefits of reading and found some interesting facts that I’d like […]