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Revolutionary Love

For Valentines Day, I have decided with Valarie Kaur’s permission to treat you to something very good. This is TEDTalks presentation that touched my heart and speaks to my belief for exhibiting the power of a fulfilled life. The Revolutionary Love Valarie Kaur speaks about must come from grassroots America. […]

An Excerpt from My Novel

I have written and published 2 novels, A River Bend and Through the Valley of the Shadow. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 10, “Help!”, Through the Valley of the Shadow. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, you can email me at or through If you live […]

Swallowing Pride

In the last several blog posts, I used Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) to help us see and understand God’s character, especially His love for Creation. My fascination with the Biblical love story influences more research and study, because I truly want to know more about God and know […]

Arousing Love

Sexual desires are hard to control. Intimacy with another is how we are made. Those under forty or maybe fifty years old may find this tough to fathom, but there was a time when abstinence before marriage was not only the right thing to do, but it was a sign […]

Alone, But Not Alone

“Good night, Marcy,” Josh says as Marcy enters the elevator. Marcy glances toward the other passenger and smiles. The elevator door begins to close. “I love you, Marcy James,” Josh states through the ever-narrowing opening. Marcy starts to reply, but the door is shut tight and the elevator begins its […]

Beauty From Ashes

Have you ever felt God had vanished or was so far away and out of reach? I must confess that I have and not just once, but several times. Each time, I learned that God did not abandon me, but was drawing nearer. I also learned more about who I […]

Passionate Kiss

Song of Songs or Song of Solomon is to me an allegory of the relationship between God, the King-lover and the Church, his bride. The next one or more blog posts will be dedicated to a study of this book as well as to consider how that relationship is meant […]