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Dangerous Debutant Finale

In our last episode: After learning from JT Mendoza that Celia had a part in Monica’s death, Mark calls Sunni. Sunni refuses to believe Celia would drug Monica because she had no motive to do so. Mark realizes he has neglected his mother who was close with Monica and is […]

Dangerous Debutante E 22

In the last episode: Mark is visited by JT Mendoza who confesses to slipping a Mickey as a joke in Monica De La Croix’s drink which lead to her death. JT rejects Mark’s advice to go to the police and confess. JT reminds Mark that if he talks to the […]

Dangerous Debutant E 21

In the last episode: Tina Majors takes Mark Masters to Ritter’s Park. She offers him guidance to utilize the potential she sees in him to make a difference in the community. She also informs him that there are people in the community who fear the power and influence of the […]

Dangerous Debutant E 19

In the last episode: Mark shares two reasons why he doesn’t fully believe Celia’s accounting of her rescue of Sunni and him. After Celia’s explanations, she decides to believe both Mark and Sunni. Celia convinces Mark to go with her and the three of them try to finally figure out […]

Dangerous Debutant E 18

In the last installment: Mark Masters is released from the ER. He looks for Sunni but finds Celia waiting for him. They agree to talk things out at a coffee shop. Celia shares suspicion that Sunni is hiding something from her. Mark shares his suspicion that Celia is also hiding […]

Dangerous Debutant E 17

In the last episode: Mark Masters finds himself alone in an emergency room. During that time, he is visited by Detective Madison. Detective Madison confessed that she witnessed the accident that killed Mark’s fiancée and that she was purposely driven off the road by another vehicle. She also recognized that […]

Dangerous Debutant E 16

In the last episode: Lt. Steve Sherman and Detective Madison along with uniformed officers invade and apprehend Blake, Buck and Bud. Celia, too appears and confessed that she was never held captive. Mark is injured and those injuries cause him to eventually swoon and pass out. Mark’s eyes open. Above […]

Dangerous Debutant E 15

In the last episode: Mark Masters is escorted back to his home to retrieve for Sunni’s and his assailants the contents of the safe. When his escorts, Bud and Buck realize Mark only has a ledger, Blake orders them to return with the ledger and Mark. Returning with Mark is […]

Dangerous Debutant E 14

In the last episode: Mark is captured by his two pursuers and brought inside the De La Croix home to find Sunni hog-tied to a chair and succumbs to the same fate. He and Sunni are introduced to Blake Harlow and his two associates, Buck and Bud. When Blake is […]

Dangerous Debutant E 13

In the last installment: Mark and Sunni race recklessly to the De La Croix Mansion. Once arrived, Sunni suddenly becomes cautious. Sunni goes alone inside the house leaving Mark alone yards away from the entrance. He is soon not alone as he is spotted and chased by two men, one […]