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February 7: A Prayer

I have yet to truly fathom just how magnificent you are God. I believe with all my heart you created all things. I just never stop to really think what all that means. Brennan Manning lays it out so beautifully in Chapter 2 of Ragamuffin Gospel. Yet, that describes only […]

Burdens Light

I find it difficult to really open up to people. It is easier for me to listen and empathize. What I have discovered is that I share more easily with those who have freely shared with me and sharing is therapeutic. “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you […]

Doug Unplugged

Do research on a possible non-fiction book about abundant living Post a tweet Review and schedule this blog post Create a book trailer for On Satan’s Island Tweak the final chapter (again) of  On Satan’s Island Replace a section of siding on my house Clean litter boxes Call sons and see how […]