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Dangerous Debutant E 18

In the last installment: Mark Masters is released from the ER. He looks for Sunni but finds Celia waiting for him. They agree to talk things out at a coffee shop. Celia shares suspicion that Sunni is hiding something from her. Mark shares his suspicion that Celia is also hiding […]

Dangerous Debutant E 10

In the last episode: Mark begins to doubt if Sunni has been completely honest with Celia and him. As his suspicion grows, Sunni invites herself over at his house. Sunni shares that Monica was drugged which resulted in her death. Sunni also admits that she hasn’t completely been honest with […]

Dangerous Debutant E7

In the last episode: Mark Masters, Celia and Sunni De La Croix after escaping capture but also giving up the key to the assailants decide to try and figure out what the key unlocks. They start with an attic door as their first possible object. They discover another in the […]