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I enjoy speaking almost as much as writing and especially speaking on books, writing and my motivation. Below is a list of topics I have had the privilege of presenting as well as topics I would love to present.

The Benefits of Reading A Book: I researched several sources and found that there are health benefits to reading and added benefits reading a traditional book and even more benefits reading fiction.

The Development of the Romance Novel: Using quotes from many novels from different eras and stages of development, I share the evolving of the romance novel from 4th Century to modern times.

The First Entrepreneur: Why Creativity Is God-like: Based on the concepts of the book, Call to Create by Jordan Raynor, I share an attribute of God, why I write and challenge schools and churches to encourage youth to develop their creativeness.

Life More Abundant: I share how I have experienced life to the fullest and how that could work for others.

How Can I Help Someone Who Grieves: I have experienced the death of two spouses as well as the losses of friends and other loved ones. I share what helped me and what only caused more pain.

I try to keep all the talks to 30 minutes or less and can even present any of these in 15 minutes.

If seeking my services as a speaker for any event, you may contact me at

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