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Dangerous Debutant E 21

In the last episode: Tina Majors takes Mark Masters to Ritter’s Park. She offers him guidance to utilize the potential she sees in him to make a difference in the community. She also informs him that there are people in the community who fear the power and influence of the […]


As a Sunday school teacher, I enjoyed telling Bible stories like David and Goliath in hopes that the children would learn about God’s provision and love for them. I assumed that would be the lesson that they would learn from biblical accounts like that. Now, I am not so sure […]

The Adulteress

“What do you have for me, today, Saul?” Joseph greets the ambitious Saul. Joseph has been listening to a man speaking in the temple. This Galilean has had the interest of many including the Pharisees, of which group Joseph and Saul are members. At times, the Galilean has been at […]