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My first self-published novel is A River Bend and the storyline and many of the characters parallel those of the Gospel of John. For example, I open with Josh Crockett traveling to his hometown listening to this tune on his car radio.

“‘The one… who gives his life… shall live it… for the life is the Light blazing out of the darkness.’”

John’s Gospel attempts to show Jesus Christ as the Messiah and verse four states, “In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind” John 1:4 NIV.

I researched several different sources to make sure that my understanding is in line with the meaning of the author and the understanding of his audience. Here is what I found.

This Gospel begins with the original creation account and places Jesus Christ there at the beginning, before and even a part of and the main principle of all creation. Therefore, “in him was life” literally means he gave us – Adam and you and me – life.

The original audience for this gospel were Jewish. To this audience light symbolizes all that is good, pure and holy. “That life was the light of all mankind” would mean that Jesus is goodness, purity and holiness. Without him, there is none.

Light also represents spiritual understanding to this audience. The spiritual for this writer and his audience is the soul, the identity of human beings. So, John was saying to this audience and to us that we cannot truly understand life or even ourselves without Jesus.

Our human nature is not only enemies of God and therefore resistant to giving Christ through his Holy Spirit control of our lives, but we are also in conflict to our true selves. John 1:5 says, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” A better translation of “overcome” is “understood.”

A life lived for and with Jesus is a life of true spiritual enlightenment. Anything else we live for according to Solomon the writer of the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes is worthless.

A life lived for and with Christ is full and rich according to Christ quoted by John later in this same Gospel of John. It is also what I attempted to promote in A River Bend. We don’t have to worry about what is around the bend when we live for and according to the Creator of the journey.

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Douglas Knight

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