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Life Is But A Dream

“Ladies and gentlemen, the star of our show, Duke Kingman,” a velvety smooth voice announces so eloquently inside the deep recesses of Duane Kintzheimer’s imagination.

Duane takes one more look into the bathroom mirror as he drops a bright green ergonomic toothbrush into its designated hole in the tall orange container. The mirror reflects back an eleven year old bespectacled boy with rust colored hair. Duane sees Duke Kingman, his ruggedly handsome adult persona.

Duke smiles and graciously thanks the crowd for their thunderous applause. When he opens the bathroom door to leave, his suave and debonair demeanor turns into a wide eyed blush. Standing in the doorway is his dad, Duane Kintzheimer, Sr.

“Your mom sent me to tell you to shake a leg.”

“Yours or mine,” Duane, Jr. as Duke delivers.

The Duke Kingman Show audience roars with laughter. Duane, Sr. may have chuckled while pointing Duane, Jr. to the kitchen.

The Duke Kingman Show takes a short break while Duane, Jr. eats breakfast, grabs his books and shuffles himself to the bus stop.

Duane and two others always wait for the school bus at the corner of Maple and Gum. There is only one house that separates Duane’s house from the corner. That’s where the Martins live. Janet Martin, who must be the most beautiful girl at middle school also waits for her bus there, too.

While Duke Kingman strolls nonchalantly towards the busy New York City corner to hail a cab, he spies the tall, sexy blonde who often waits there, too. They often make small talk until a cab stops in front of the apartment building where they both live.

Duke often toys with the idea of asking if she’d like to get a cup of Java and chat some night after a hard day at the office. Maybe today will be the day.

Soon, Duane is at the corner of Maple and Gum. Janet glances at him and politely smiles the same way she does every school day. The third member of their bus waiting troop has not yet arrived. He usually doesn’t arrive until Janet and Duane are on the bus. Many times, the bus has to wait for Stacy Spicer.

Stacy and Janet are both eighth graders so Duane is glad for the few moments alone with Janet. It gives he and Janet a chance to really get to know each other.

“Hi, Janet, whatcha listening to?”

Janet doesn’t respond at first. Duane waves his hand in front of her face. Janet scowls and then pulls out an earbud.

“I, uh, was just wondering what you were listening to.”

Janet shows him on her iPhone and then sticks the earbud back.

“Cool,” Duane smiles and falls into every day bus stop position – his backpack over his left shoulder and a hand in his jeans side pocket looking straight ahead and minding his own six grade business.

On cue, after the third or fourth glance up the street, Bus G72 comes rumbling down Maple, squeals to a halt in front of them. Janet gets on first. Duane next. Stacy is racing down Gum towards the bus.

Janet goes to the very rear of the bus where she is greeted by classmates and slides in next to Monica Miller. Duane sits about three seats back behind the bus driver and watches Stacy clomp in and find his seat about halfway back across from Kyle Campion who punches Stacy on the arm to get punched back. The two both sit sideways with there backs against the outside wall of the bus.

The bus takes off again.

Duke Kingman leans back in his First Class seat with his favorite beverage and gazes out the window watching as the jet to Rio de Janeiro smoothly ascends into the sky.

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Douglas Knight

I write about what I'm thinking or what I've imagined in an effort to regain that childhood imagination and marry with my many years of real experiences. I'm getting better at it the more I write.I am a published author of two romantic intrigue novels.My books can be found at or if you want a personalized copy, by emailing me at

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