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February 7: A Prayer

I have yet to truly fathom just how magnificent you are God. I believe with all my heart you created all things. I just never stop to really think what all that means. Brennan Manning lays it out so beautifully in Chapter 2 of Ragamuffin Gospel. Yet, that describes only a small portion of outer space which is only part of your creation.

I confess that I take you for granted. Sometimes I forget I am your child and I act as if you’ve never taught me better. I am judgmental. I can be impatient and unforgiving. I acted hypocritical yesterday. I was wrong.

I am grateful that you are not hypocritical. You are patient with me. That your love for me is unconditional. I am thankful for your grace.

Help me to understand your grace. I will need your wise counsel today in decisions I make. I will need you to partner with me in my thoughts and actions. Help me to be bold where I need to be bold. Help me to be kind and understanding in my boldness.
In Christ’s name, Amen.

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Douglas Knight

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