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In His Presence

I see him standing there. His arms outstretched beckoning. I am humbled to run into Jesus’ arms.

I would feel uneasy in any other man’s embrace. But this is not any other man. Jesus loves me with the purest of hearts. No guile is found in him.

Not only am I not uncomfortable, but I am comforted. I am speechless. I feel safe. What I must ask him can wait. We wait.

Finally, he takes me aside and we rest. We rest because there is much yet to do. I hope we can do what must be done together. It is his hope as well.

I tell him how much he means to me. I tell him that I am in awe at the works he has done, especially his life, death and resurrection.

I apologize for taking him for granted. I am sorry that when I was in his word yesterday, my mind drifted. I entertained a thought of how much “they” needed these verses.

I needed him to know how grateful I am for his friendship and companionship. No one has shown more patience with me. Few love with an unconditional love.

Jesus then invites me to tell him what is on my mind. There are so many things like my family, friends, things others have asked me to ask him and issues and concerns about the world I live in.

Finally, he wants to know if there is something personal that I have forgotten to ask. I am glad he asks me now after I have spent these last few moments with him. I have seen Jesus and felt his presence. If he had asked me sooner, I would have missed the real need in my heart.

“What would you have me to do for you, dear Lord?”

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Douglas Knight

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