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Dangerous Debutant E 17

In the last episode: Mark Masters finds himself alone in an emergency room. During that time, he is visited by Detective Madison. Detective Madison confessed that she witnessed the accident that killed Mark’s fiancée and that she was purposely driven off the road by another vehicle. She also recognized that one of the men arrested today drove that vehicle. She is about to reveal the identity of the driver when the ER doctor enters.

While the nurse checks Mark’s vitals, she asks about Mark’s head.

“What does the doctor say,” Mark has admired Dr. Kalite’s outward appearance.

“The scan shows no internal damage to the skull or the brain.”

“Do you think it might have knocked some sense into me?” As soon as it flies out of his mouth, Mark regrets his poor untimely attempt at levity.

“It may have knocked out your sense of humor,” Dr. Kalite grins.

Mark chuckles and then suddenly remembers Detective Madison. She is no longer in the room.

“Your vitals appear normal,” Dr. Kalite steps closer to Mark when the nurse steps away and out of the room.

“Am I free to leave, then?” Mark wonders if Madison has gone far and if he leaves now, he might be able to catch up to her.

“There is some paperwork being processed that you will need to sign before we can release you, of course,” Dr. Kalite holds up one hand in an effort to discourage Mark from leaving at this moment.

Mark’s frustration and disappointment is exposed through a huge sigh and the expression on his face.

“I would also like for you to stay a little while longer so we can be assured you are in good health,” Dr. Kalite moves even closer to Mark her hand nearly touching his shoulder.

Mark’s eyes shift from gazing out away from his ER room to focusing into the dark brown eyes of his concerned doctor. He suddenly realizes he is standing and Dr. Kalite is trying to get him to sit and relax.

Mark sits on the side of his bed. Dr. Kalite deposits both her hands deep into her white jacket.

“Someone will be in with the release forms,” Dr. Kalite’s eyes remain fixed on Mark as she speaks. “But I’d like you to remain here for awhile until I return. It won’t be long. I promise.”

“I will hold you to that promise.”

Dr. Kalite nods and smiles. After a few very short moments, she turns and exits. Mark is left alone with his thoughts.

It’s not long until David comes in with release forms to sign. Mark wonders how long before Dr. Kalite returns to allow him to leave. Why hasn’t he heard from Sunni?What happened with Detective Madison? Even more, who did she recognize as the driver who caused the accident that killed Kate?

Finally, after about an hour of wondering, Mark decides to try and leave. After all, he has signed the releases.

As he is heading toward what he believes to be the exit, Mark spies Dr. Kalite at a nurse’s station. She is on the phone, so he waits for her to hang up.

“I guess you’ve forgotten about me,” Mark states when Dr. Kalite looks up in his direction.

“You were one of my next stops,” Dr. Kalite rises from the desk and approaches Mark.

“I would have left but I couldn’t find the exit.”

“You would leave without saying ‘goodbye’?”

Mark chuckles and then sobers, “I really need to go. I’m feeling fine.”

“I’m afraid you’d been detained anyway. I need to sign those releases and give you copies,” Dr. Kalite signals for one of the nurses. “Mark Masters’ release, please.”

While a nurse finds the paperwork, Dr. Kalite hands Mark a notepad.

“If you ever wondered what it would be like to date a doctor, write your phone number on this,” Dr Kalite slides the notepad towards Mark with one hand and pokes a pen at him with the other.

Mark stares at the notepad and pen. He takes the pen and jots down his cell number.

Dr Kalite smiles, rips off the top page of the notepad and stuffs it and her hand into the pocket of her white jacket. The nurse hands her Mark’s release forms. Dr Kalite signs it, rips the top white sheet off and hands it to him.

“Try not to do too much for the remainder of the day and if you…,” Dr Kalite rattles off some instructions in a professional tone.

“Thank you,” Mark nods and takes a few steps to leave and then stops and turns around.

“The exit is down this hallway and then left. You’ll see a sign,” Dr Kalite points.

Mark nods again and follows her directions. Soon, he finds himself at the entrance to the waiting area with the exit of the emergency rooms straight ahead.

Before exiting, Mark becomes curious whether anyone waits for him. He decides to check the waiting room.

“Mark!” Mark hears someone call, but it’s not Sunni’s voice. He follows the sound and sees Celia De La Croix walking toward him.

“Mark, Am I glad you’re alright.”

“This head is too hard. Of course, I’m alright,” Mark scans the room as Celia and he exchange small talk.

“Are you looking for Sunni? Well, I suggested she stay home and rest from her ordeal. I told her I’d check on you.”

“Like I said, I’m fine, just a little headache.”

“Are you feeling well enough to go somewhere else and talk?”

Mark nods. Celia urges him to follow her to her car. They decide to go to a coffee shop nearby.

Mark is familiar with this locally owned coffee shop. His family and the Indigo family who owns the shop are very close. The De La Croix Foundation helped them financially and legally to build and develop the business.

When the two enter, the current manager who is also an Indigo recognizes both Mark and Celia. Patricia Indigo will not let them pay for their order and personally brings them their coffees.

Mark and Celia chat with Patricia until Patricia excuses herself when a vendor enters with supplies.

After only a few short minutes of small talk, Celia wraps both hands around her cup, “I need to confess something to you.”

Mark, taken aback by the sudden somber mood fails to respond. Celia seems to either be waiting for a response or gathering her thoughts because she stares down at the cup imprisoned by her hands.

Celia looks up, “Sunni did want to come to the ER to check on you. I insisted that she rest and volunteered myself for that duty.”

“It’s quite alright. It wasn’t necessary for you to come. After all, you’ve experienced some trauma yourself lately.”

Celia reaches over and touches Mark’s arm resting on the table, “Thank you for acknowledging that. Sunni and I haven’t had time to grieve over Monica’s death.”

Mark admits to himself that he had again forgotten that meaningful loss for these sisters. He knows that is a reasonable oversight given all he has encountered. Sunni and Celia,on the other hand, have faced the same demons and suffered the loss.

“I also wanted to talk to you alone, privately,” Celia slides her hand down Mark’s arm to his hand.

Mark responds by offering his hand and Celia accepts. Mark recalls holding Sunni’s hand. That moment had a different feel but Mark cannot comprehend what makes them different.

“I know Sunni has openly shared with you the contents of the safe more so than with me,” Celia’s voice has a little harsher edge or so it seems to Mark.

“I don’t believe I know more than you know.”

“Really? What do you know?” Celia’s well manicured nails seem to dig in deeper into Mark’s hand.

“She shared the ledger and key that we all saw, a gun and a letter,” Mark looks into Celia’s eyes to ascertain if the edge in her voice and the grip of her hand is fear, anger or some other emotion.

“Did you read the letter? What did it say?” The tenderness has completely left Celia’s voice.

“It was a personal warning and advice from a father to a daughter.”

“Who did he warn her about?”

“No one in particular. It was more in general.”

“What are you keeping from me? Why are you?” Mark feels Celia spoke loud enough for anyone present to hear.

Mark looks around. Hardly anyone but the staff is present. No one seems to have heard or cares.

“I am not keeping anything from you.”

“Then Sunni must not trust you, either.”

“I’m sure she trusts you. She has not said anything against you.”

Celia’s eyes narrow into a sort of squint almost like she is trying to focus more strongly on something. Mark feels her tug to withdraw her hand from his. He releases her.

“Do those objects sound like something you’d be willing to go to jail, maybe even prison for?” Celia sits up erect and tall in her seat.

“No, but they didn’t seem to know what was there. They may also think as you do that Sunni is hiding something.”

“What do you think?”

“I think you might be hiding something from me,” Mark’s voice is stern but calm.

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