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Dangerous Debutant E 16

In the last episode: Lt. Steve Sherman and Detective Madison along with uniformed officers invade and apprehend Blake, Buck and Bud. Celia, too appears and confessed that she was never held captive. Mark is injured and those injuries cause him to eventually swoon and pass out.

Mark’s eyes open. Above him, a brilliant light shines so bright it causes him to blink. After several blinks, the source fades into view as a fluorescent light. He appears to be alone, so he starts to climb out of bed.

“You need to remain in the bed for now, sir,” a male voice declares from behind him and a hand carefully but firmly grasps Mark’s shoulder.

“Where am I and what am I doing here?” Mark resists the male voice’s attempts to ease him back into bed.

“You’re at the emergency room at Benevolence Hospital and I’m David, your nurse.”

Mark succumbs to David’s wishes and lies back on the bed, “I guess I passed out. Do I have a concussion?”

“That’s the assumption based on what others told us about your experiences prior. You’ll be going down soon for a CT scan.”

“Where are the others?” Mark looks around the room and finds no one else but David present.

“Our report came from the ambulance crew who I believe received a report from the police on the scene.”

“So there is no one else here?” Mark feels slightly abandoned.

“No one.”

“Is there someone in the waiting room?”

“I don’t know for sure. Would you like for me to check?”

“No, that won’t be necessary,” Mark’s voice betrays some disappointment.

After several uneasy minutes and small talk with David, Mark is wheeled into another room. A radiology technician explains the procedure. She asks Mark to lay down on a bed which lies next to a donut shaped machine.

The scan doesn’t take long. Mark is returned to the emergency room. David tells him that Dr. Kalite will be in soon to share the results.

David leaves the room. Mark finds himself alone. He waits. With his eyes Mark wanders about the room. There is not much to see. He has been in emergency rooms before at the other hospital, Honor Hopes Health Center. This one appears to be pretty typical.

He realizes that the staff must suspect his visit to be most temporary. He is still fully clothed even his shoes and not in a hospital gown. He checks his pockets. He still has his keys, phone and billfold. The CT was just a scan of his head.

David returns, “Do you feel up to visitors?”

Mark hopes it is Sunni, “Sure.”

It is not Sunni. It is Detective Madison. Mark would like to change his answer, but it is too late. Detective Madison enters.

“This won’t take long. I just have a few questions and I’ll be out of your way,” Madison barks out her words in her usual stuffy but professional manner.

Suddenly, Madison’s visage changes. She looks around the room with emotion in her eyes instead of her usual stoic gaze. Mark takes a defensive posture and looks around for the remote in case he needs to call a nurse.

“Professor Masters,” Madison draws near the head of the bed.

“You called me professor,” Mark drops his guard a little. “Were you in one of my classes?”

Madison looks down to her hands, “Sorta, maybe for a day.”

“A day? What happened?”

Madison looks up once and quickly away again. Mark met a totally different Madison in her office. It was a boldly confident Madison. This one is nervous, maybe even scared.

“I was waiting in your classroom like the other students. Then, you walked in. I knew I needed to change to another instructor.”

Mark regains his defensive position, “Because I was black?”

Madison’s head snaps up and her eyes widen, “No sir, not because you were black. Not at all, sir.”

Madison’s words poured out so quickly and so full of emotion Mark truly believes her.

“Then what was the problem?”

Madison looks toward the doorway. Then, she even steps outside the room and looks left and then right.

Madison returns to his bedside and almost in a whisper, “I witnessed your fiancé’s, uh, er, accident.”

“That’s impossible. We were told there were no witnesses or at least, no witnesses came forward.”

“Well, I came forward,” Madison’s boldness returns, “I was told that they had enough witnesses and they wouldn’t need my statement.”

“I don’t see how that would keep you from taking my class, though.”

“When I read about it in the papers,” Madison stops and checks the doorway, “I thought someone lied to the police.”

Mark is still unable to understand the connection between her knowledge of the accident and his class, but now he is curious about what she saw and what was reported.

“So, what did you see that was different than what was reported?”

“Plenty. The TV said she was speeding and lost control. She was speeding alright, but another car forced her off the road.”

“Are you sure about what you saw?”

“I was so sure I reported to the police the next day after the news came out about it.”

“So, what did the police do with your information?”

“I was told they’d investigate it and thanked me for coming forward.”

“So, I still don’t know why that would keep you from taking my class.”

“They also told me not to discuss it with anyone involved in the case. I knew you two were engaged, so I figured you were as involved as anybody.”

“I had nothing to do with the accident.”

“I think she was being chased by the other vehicle. That’s why she was driving so fast.”

“You thought I was in the other vehicle.”

“You could have been. You had an argument. She caught you cheating. You caught her cheating. Who knows?”

“Did you see who was in the other vehicle?”

“Back then, I would have said ‘no.’ But today, I remembered.”

“Today? Who?” Mark swings around until his legs are dangling off the side of the bed.

This action causes Madison to step back to avoid being hit by Mark’s legs as he whirls them around. When she steps back, she bumps into a cart behind her which causes a bed pan to clatter when it crashes to the floor.

As Madison reaches down to return the bed pan to the cart, David rushes in, stops and examines the scene.

“Is everything alright in here?” David addresses Madison.

Mark does not return a verbal reply, but exchanged glances with Madison. Mark assumes David asserts silence as a positive.

“Dr. Kalite should be in soon with results from the CT scan,” David then moves on.

“How is your head, by the way?” Madison sits down next to Mark.

“You were telling me you may have remembered who was in the vehicle that you believe intentionally forced Kate off the road. That’s where my head is right now.”

“One of the three men we brought in today could have been driving the vehicle,” Madison highlights ‘could’ by voice inflection.

“So, you don’t know for sure, then.”

“I’m pretty sure.”

“Sure enough to swear it under oath?”

Madison looks down at her hands folded on her lap. Then, she stands and faces Mark.

A doctor and a nurse show up at Mark’s room’s doorway, “I’m Dr. Kalite.”

The nurse enters without introduction and starts checking vital signs. She nudges her way in between Mark and Madison and slaps on a heart pressure cuff. Mark barely notices.

Mark’s attention is on the tall, slender female doctor. Her flawless complexion, thick beautiful black hair and large intelligent dark brown eyes. She stands both hands stuffed in the pockets of her perfectly pleated white smock that stretches to just an inch above the hem of her black skirt.

Mark chuckles at the contrast between Dr. Kalite and Detective Madison. Both are professionals and dressed in business casual. Both are attractive. After that, the similarities stop.

Mark’s absorption of this distracts his attention away from Madison’s communication and from the nurse checking his temperature and heart rate.

“Take a deep breath for me, please,” the nurse orders.

Mark is forced into the reality of the moment by following the nurse’s next few orders. He barely notices her until then.

“Are you okay, sir?” The nurse throws the stethoscope around her neck.

“Why don’t we ask the doctor,” Mark gestures toward Dr Kalite still standing near the doorway.

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