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Dangerous Debutant E 11

In the last episode: Sunni De La Croix visits Mark Masters at his home. Mark learns that the contents of the safe was the gun, the key, the journal (financial ledger) and a letter from Rueben DeLa Croix, Sunni’s and Celia’s father written to Sunni. Sunni allows Mark to read the letter. In it, he learns that some important and powerful men use whomever and whatever resource they can to gain more power and influence. Finally, Celia calls Sunni to tell her J.T. Mendoza has been arrested for their stepmother’s death.

Mark and Sunni arrive together to the police station expecting to find Celia already there. Celia is not. Shortly after Mark and Sunni arrive, J.T’s parents arrive. Mrs. Rose Mendoza tries to remain calm, but her husband, Pete looks battle ready.

Rose looks around the front office and before the sergeant can receive them, she spies Sunni. She immediately dashes to Sunni.

“I suppose you’ve heard they have arrested my boy. You know J.T. could not do this thing,” Rose raises both hands in front of her face.

“We know this. That’s why we’re here,” Sunni embraces Rose whose self control diminishes.

“He does not know this,” Pete Mendoza jabs a short, thick index figure up in Mark’s face.

Mark automatically draws his head back away from Pete’s finger, “What do you mean by that?”

“They told us your testimony convinced them,” Pete shakes his finger at Mark.

“What testimony? That’s not true.”

“No, it is not true. So, why would you lie?” Pete stands toe to toe with Mark.

“Mr. Mendoza, two things I hate the most. One is to be called a liar and the other is for someone to disrespect,” Mark, out of respect for the Mendozas is trying to control his anger.

“No one here believes J.T. killed Monica,” Sunni touches Pete’s shoulder.

“Listen to her, Mr. Mendoza. No one here believes your son would kill anyone,” Mark takes a step back.

“Pete, leave these folks alone and let’s go see Juan,” Rose gently strokes the side of Pete’s face.

Slowly, Pete averts his glare away from Mark. He acknowledges Rose with a nod. Then, he walks with her to approach reception.

“We’re here to see my son, Juan Tomas Mendoza, please,” Rose requests.

The sergeant enters his name on the desktop pc, “I’m sorry, he is in interrogation currently.”

“We were told he was arrested,” Pete nudges between Rose and the reception desk.

“May be, but he hasn’t been formally charged with anything according to this,” Sergeant Walker points to the computer screen.

“We demand to see my son,” Pete emphasizes by pounding his fist into his palm.

Sergeant Walker takes a deep breath, “You can demand all you want, but we’re still not going to interrupt the interrogation.”

Mark overhears and addresses the Mendozas, “He can have a lawyer present.”

“Is that right officer? Can he have a lawyer?” Rose squeezes a shoulder between Pete and the desk.

“He didn’t ask for one,” Sergeant Walker turns to walk away.

“We’re asking for a lawyer to be present,” Pete leans into Rose squeezing her tightly against the desk.

“Is your son twenty-one or older?” Sergeant Walker remains with his back to the Mendozas.

“What does that matter?” Pete gently but firmly pushes Rose aside.

“He was given his Miranda and he didn’t ask for a lawyer,” Sergeant Walker circles around and sits down at a desk near the back wall of the small reception office.

“If they were white, you’d honor his parents’ request,” Mark taps the desk with his index finger for emphasis.

Sergeant Walker stands abruptly to his feet, “Be careful how you address an officer of the law.”

Mark starts to argue back but Sunni presses against him to get his attention. Sunni is shaking her head when Mark turns to her.

Sergeant Walker retraces his steps back to the front desk, “You folks wait here. When they’re finished questioning your son, I’ll see you get some time with him.”

“Why can’t they see him, now, Sergeant?” Sunni speaks up before anyone else can.

Sergeant Walker stands across the desk from Mark and eye to eye with him, “One rule for all. That’s how it is.”

Sunni tugs on Mark’s shirtsleeve and drags him away from the desk. Mark moves a few steps away from the desk.

“I’ll sit with you until you can talk with J.T.,” Mark taps Pete’s shoulder.

Pete grabs Rose by the hand. The three of them along with Sunni find seats in a waiting area several feet away from the desk. Before Sunni can be seated, her phone rings.

“It’s Celia,” Sunni nudges Mark, “she wants me to meet her back home. I think I should go.”

“Okay. I’ll call an Uber or something to get home. I want to wait here with the Mendozas.”

“Why don’t you go with Sunni,” Rose suggests after overhearing Mark’s conversation with Sunni.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to let you anywhere near Juan,” Pete adds without averting away from the reception desk.

Mark examines their facial expressions and body language to assess the Mendozas’ sincerity. Once assured, he leaves with Sunni.

On the way to Sunni’s car, Mark stops suddenly, “What did Celia want? It must be urgent.”

“She didn’t say but how did you know it was urgent?”

“Because otherwise Celia would be here. What did she say?”

“It wasn’t so much what she said but how. Her voice didn’t have that usual Celia cockiness and I agree, something more important came up or she’d be here.”

“Something is not adding up. I think we need to be cautious.”

The two rush to Sunni’s sports car. Mark’s mind is racing. He can feel his heart beating so hard that it feels like it could fly out from his chest.

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