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Attacking the Blankness

On Monday, I sat down at the laptop to continue working on the second draft of Attack of Darkness. Of course, Cali Belle, our elderly female cat did her little dance back and forth across the keyboard until she nestled into my lap giving me permission to type. That’s when the frustration began. I didn’t like what I was reading.

It wasn’t just the wording or phrasing. It wasn’t just that this chapter seemed out of synch with the plot line or that it was unnecessary to the story. I could handle that. I suddenly realized that I hated it and not just this section but the plot line from this point on.

Tempted to “Select All,” I couldn’t pull the trigger (or poke the SHIFT button). I looked to Cali Belle for suggestions. She jumps off my lap and saunters off silently. I look to Heaven for inspiration. “Step away from the keyboard,” Heaven seems to say while Earth’s Hound barks, “Kill the rest. Kill it all. You can’t write anyway.” I’m hoping I didn’t get the sources mixed up.

Sadly, I follow Cali Belle’s example. When I shut the laptop, I quench all ambition and energy. The rest of the day was a waste. I sit on the front porch and watch dark clouds roll slowly across the sky and dump its unwanted moisture down.

Tuesday comes. Gloom still surrounds the north side of Evansville where I live. But inside my soul hope arrives. I grab a notebook. Putting pen to paper ignites the muse. I believe I can patch this plot. I believe I am a writer, again.

The attack of darkness is temporary. It may come again, but not today. Not only do I breathe life into Attack of Darkness, but I take time to work on novel # 5.

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Douglas Knight

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