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Still Here, Still Crazy

I haven’t posted much lately. There are several reasons why, but when I start to list them in my head, they sound like excuses.

I mentioned in my last post that I finished a rough draft of my fourth novel. My practice is to put that aside for awhile before I return to it to hone it.

While it sits in purgatory, I usually work on the next project which is what I did this time as well. It’s usually a good practice – usually. This time I’m not so sure. I have had so much fun with the next project that I’m finding it tedious to return to honing the current work in progress.

This next project is slated to be another novel. My first novel marketed as a romance. I return to romance in this project.

What I’m excited about is that the romantic leads are characters I created back in middle school, Doug Frontenac and Jane Norris. I have changed Doug’s name to Jack and am thinking of titling it Jack and Jane. I would change Jane to Jill, but I Googled it and I found the Jack and Jill name and idea done to death.

Another thing that makes it fun is that Jack (Doug) is part of a rock band who I used to call the Rythmers. I may change the band name as well. Jane pursues an acting career. They fall in love, or should I say, Jack fell in love with Jane in high school, but their career pursuits keep them apart.

As a band member, Jack writes music and lyrics usually based on his pining for Jane. This creates another fun part of writing this romance. I want to include some of the song lyrics and song titles in the story. I am considering opening or closing a chapter with all or part of the lyrics that coincide with the content of the chapter. This makes it possible to use the song title as the title to the chapter which gives the novel the feel, if only slightly, of being a rock album.

Here’s one of the songs as an example:

It Just Takes Time

What color your Eyes?

I’m so sorry,

So very sorry,

I can’t remember.

I think they’re brownish

Or maybe bluish

I’m so sorry

I can’t remember

It was in June

Or maybe later

I last saw you

I don’t remember

I think we parted

Very friendly

Like lovers do but

I can’t remember

I miss you so

But don’t you know

I’ll soon be fine

It just takes time

I hear you’re well though

So very well though

I never hear from

You to know it

So I write songs out

To make it clear that

I still believe in

You to know it

I’m not sure you

Even care that

I do care and want

You to know it

So here we go with

Another song to

Show my love for

You to know it

Won’t hear me say

Come back to stay

‘Cause I’ll be fine

It just takes time

It would be alright

If you’d call or write

I miss you so much

Can you remember?

Be even better

To know your warm touch

To feel your caress

As I remember

Don’t want to bother

I’ve loved no other

I lie when I say

I can’t remember

All I ever do

Is think about you

And your eyes so blue

I do remember

I miss you so

But don’t you know

I’ll soon be fine

It just takes time

Won’t hear me say

Come back to stay

‘Cause I’ll be fine

It just takes time

I even have music I’ve created for this song, but I won’t irritate you any further.

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