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I have finished the rough draft of my fourth novel. I laid it aside awhile to ferment. I will soon begin to polish and patch. In the meantime, I am working on cover and marketing ideas.

The novel follows the newlyweds of On Satan’s Island as they return home to Melo, Indiana. After their traumatic adventure on their honeymoon, the couple struggle with what could be described as PTSD. Ivy experiences night terrors and Rainsford becomes disgusted with his old way of life. But sometimes it seems more real than just emotional or psychological. It seems like the dark entity they faced on the island has followed them home.

I have been writing it with the title Under Attack but I am experimenting with other titles like Attack of Darkness.

I also hope to utilize a cover similar to this one I created through Photofox.

I would like to hear what you think about the title and the cover. Please comment. I’d enjoy hearing from you.

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Douglas Knight

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