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Excerpt from WIP

What follows is a small portion from my current work in progress (WIP). We find this married couple, Rainsford and Ivy Davis in a hospital room after Rainsford has been shot trying to keep Shelley from being abused by one of her coworkers. Rainsford and Ivy are the honeymoon couple shipwrecked on an uncharted island of devil worshippers in my novel, On Satan’s Island. This is the “honeymoon nightmare adventure” mentioned in the following excerpt.

Both Ivy and Rainsford remain locked in position mulling over this new information.

Once Geoff Westin is out of sight, Ivy breaks the silence, “You look worried. Was it self-defense?”

Rainsford’s countenance turned from concern to frustration, “He was hurting Shelley and I wanted him to stop.”

“Look, Rainsford, I don’t know if I’ve forgiven you for the whole Shelley thing or not, but…,” Ivy whirls around to the other side of the bed as Rainsford turns his head to look away from her.

Ivy glares at Rainsford who cannot look her in the face. Ivy bites her lip to keep from crying and releasing the pent-up anger boiling inside her.

“You hurt me and now you tell me you got shot keeping Shelley from getting hurt. How am I to process that?”

“You know from our honeymoon nightmare adventure, I would have defended you,” Rainsford snaps his head around, slaps the bed in anger, and then grimaces from the pain.

“That’s supposed to make me feel better? I get equal treatment as your girlfriend?” Ivy feels nauseous and fights back tears.

Rainsford’s countenance falls as he recognizes the tears welling up in his wife’s eyes.

“I swear, Ivy, I was going there to tell Shelley what we did was wrong. It wasn’t love. It was a horrible, drunken mistake.”

Ivy can hear what she thought was sincerity in his voice, but it is the same sincerity that declared until now that nothing happened that night.

“I am not through with this conversation but I think it should wait until your out of this hospital,” Ivy folds her hands and plops down on to the couch.

Rainsford is glad to drop it but prefers to never speak of it, again. It decides to agree for the moment.

“Actually, I think we ought to discuss it with Josh Crockett,” Ivy searches in her purse for her phone but then remembers where she laid it.

Rainsford starts to protest but quickly decides against it for now. Ivy starts to speed dial Josh’s office, checks the time, and determines that it is too late. Rainsford watches Ivy’s motions, accurately detects the reason for them, and sighs a sigh of relief when Ivy doesn’t complete them.

The room grows eerily silent. Rainsford and Ivy glimpse up at each other a couple of times. Rainsford searches for the remote, finds it, and starts clicking through the channels. Ivy watches this and it somehow causes agitation. To keep from voicing her agitation, she rises from the couch and begins to leave the room.

“I’m going to get some fresh air. Do you need anything?” Ivy turns when she reaches the doorway.

Rainsford waves that he’s fine. Ivy disappears down the hallway.

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