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Work: 4 Letter Word?

How do you feel about your job? The author of Called to Create, Jordan Raynor suggests that a better perspective on the concept of work not only improves your performance but can also enrich your life.

In an earlier post, I shared that one Resolution was to read at least one book per month. I also mentioned I’d discuss concepts along the way. Called to Create is the book of the month for January. I’ve finished Section One of that book.

In Section One, Mr. Raynor writes that too often we view work as negative or a necessary means to an end. Using the Biblical book of Genesis, Raynor points out that even in the perfect world of Eden, Adam and Eve worked in the garden. Not only did they work there, but that the work was a loving act of obedience which they were privileged to do. Raynor suggests that the Garden of Eden view of work should be our concept of work.

The focus of the book is in the title. Our work will take on a positive perspective when we see ourselves as people called by God to reflect the character of God and love others. Recognizing the God-ordained purpose in our work will help us to begin to see work as significant and valuable. The positive motivation generally improves performance and quality of our work. This perspective of work helps us see purpose and value for our life.

Section 2 expands this focus with an explanation on why we create, what we create, and how we create.

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