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When/Then Lie

One of the most harmful human deceptions is what Justin Camp, Gather Ministries calls the When/Then lie. He describes it as when we achieve that special something, then we find contentment.

I can look back on my life and see several When/Then lies that tripped me up. I could list those. Rather, I will take the suggestion and list those lies I currently hold as truth so that I don’t continue to be deceived and deceitful.

Partial List:

When I confess this sin, then I’ll never do it again.

When I get the answer to why I had to suffer, then I’ll find peace about it.

When I finally figure this one thing out, then I’ll have it all figured out.

Thanks to Justin Camp | creator of WiRE for Men.

Also, thanks to YouVersion where I found the devotional by WiRE, “Defying Culture: Identify Deception in Your Life” which has sparked the ideas for this and other posts.

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