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How I marvel at how great a love you have for all creatures. You continue to pursue even those who deny your existence. In the form of a man, your Son side willing sacrificed life through pain, suffering, and abandonment even for those of us who erroneously blame you for the evil that comes to us. You continue to love us unconditionally, disciple us, and even warn us even though we take that love for granted, think we deserve it and more, or are unappreciative and often unaware.

I am sorry for the many times I think if I keep doing some arbitrary list of religious good deeds or avoid hand-picked list of sinful things, I’d prove my love for you was greater than those who didn’t follow the same list as me. I’m sorry for my lack of true compassion for my neighbor at those times when I do not turn the other cheek because I think it a sign of weakness.

Thank you for your love manifest in the people you have sent into my life who keep me humble, who help me see where I fall short of your glory, and who are not afraid to question my beliefs.

Help me, O God, to recognize my sinfulness to show me who I am. Often remind me that my righteousness does not come from the good that I do but from Jesus dying on the Cross in my place. Help me to pursue, not my will, but the passion you created in me. Help me to not take your love or your presence in my life for granted.

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