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November is NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It is a time set aside for writers to take thirty days, set daily goals and write 50,000 words as a first draft of a novel. I am participating this year.

The novel I am writing will connect the first two novels, A River Bend and Through the Valley of the Shadow with the third novel, On Satan’s Island by having characters of the third interact with characters in the first two.

For those familiar with my works, Josh Crockett counsels Ivy Davis who is experiencing PTSD from her trauma on Satan’s Island. Rainsford Davis interviews Geoff Westin for a position in his family’s company.

Ivy’s PTSD manifests itself through what she calls an uneasy emotional feeling with no explainable cause. We soon realize that the uneasiness stems from Rainsford’s restlessness with his current life.

Influenced by a demon who attached himself to Rainsford during their experience on Satan’s Island, Rainsford battles his self-pity with one selfish act after another only to find that the consequences of those acts lead to confusion, guilt, and shame. That is as far as I’ve written.

I have fallen short of my intended goal. At this pace, I will not finish until December 10th and that’s just the rough draft. I may share an exerpt or two along the way and I hope you’ll give me feedback. Until then, pray for me, wish me luck, and be patient. Most of my writing time and energy will be focused on the novel leaving little time for blogging.

Happy NaNoWriMo to my author friends.

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