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Love, Sex, and Romance

The prior two posts on this blog have been an attempt to define “Love.”  I use the word attempt because I am no expert which is obvious if you’ve read the second of the two posts. I feel nearly all of us struggle with a clear perception of real love. As I indicate in those posts, without divine intervention, we can only share a facsimile of true love. With this post, I want to continue to share my idea of real love which is the central theme of the novels I’ve written.

Love at the center of my novels

I identify my first novel, A River Bend as Christian Romance. There is a romantic pursuit and because that romance involves no sexual intercourse, it aligns with the Christian idea of romance. Josh Crockett, the main character is attracted to Marcy James and the novel details the romance that develops into a stronger bond while at the same time other life events occur for them. This meets the current accepted design for the modern day romance.

Through the Valley of the Shadow, my second novel, continues the romance between Josh and Marcy. I added a little more dramatic adventure as Marcy with Josh’s help deals with being accosted by a gang and stalked by one of her assailants. It also, as one of my readers observed “less preachy” than A River Bend. (Footnote: I appreciate that kind of feedback from my readers.)

My latest novel, On Satan’s Island does not fit the romance novel genre definition. Yet, it does portray a couple of types of human love.

First, the action takes place during two main characters’ honeymoon. Their love for each other is expressed mainly by their obvious concern for each other’s safety during various episodes, especially when challenged by the Satanic priestess and her followers, the other islanders.

Secondly, their rescue is masked as love. The Satanic priestess does not want them to leave or to be free to worship whom they please. The three castaways realize that the kindness shown them is wickedly conditional.

Sex is a beautiful thing that God created as an intimate act of love.

Sexual inercourse is not and will not be written in any scene in my novels.  This is not because I think sexual intercourse is sinful or ugly. Sex is a beautiful thing that God created as an intimate act of love.  I believe this. I also believe it is to be private, not public. To write or to film the scene corrupts its beauty in my opinion. This is why it is not available in my novels.  There are several good writers and readers who do not agree with my opinion. I am not judging, but only giving you my point of view.

A cosmic romance is the central theme of all my novels.

At the beginning, I chose to write Romance novels because I believe human love and romance imitates the romance played out every day between the Creator and humankind. This cosmic romance is the central theme of all my novels. It is most apparent in the two Romance novels, A River Bend and Through the Valley of the Shadow.

A River Bend , for example, is mapped out to parallel characters, events, and even chapteral themes of the Gospel of John. Josh Crockett, (initials J. C. ) is the Christ-type character. That is why I portrayed Josh as an unchanging character playing down his flaws.  Marcy James has flaws, especially in her past. She also is capable of good. She is my “Everyman” character.  Paul Palato, Josh’s best friend, is written to portray Peter, the apostle who knew he would never betray Christ, yet did. Woodlawn Community Church, especially the leadership, represents the religious leaders in that Gospel.

The cosmic romance symbolized in the first two novels by Josh Crockett and Marcy James and Bobbi Woods and the castaways in On Satan’s Island is God’s wooing of us, his creation created in His image and for the purpose of fellowship and companionship, eventually becoming one with Him. Earthly life is that constant romance. Those God woos and wins begin a relationship of learning to love, trust, and share. The more we share with God, the more we understand how deep is his love. Those who have not yet been won over God continues to romance.

The unknown lies around every bend, there are so many shadowy valleys on this global island we live on.

The Book of Job reveals that not only exists a cosmic romance between God and us, but there are obstacles which cause us to doubt God’s love. Satan wonders freely about this Earth often influencing doubts, fears, and mistrust. The unknown lies around every bend, there are so many shadowy valleys on this global island we live on. Because of the love of God expressed through the perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection of Christ, those who love God and trust in his purpose for us can find love, joy, peace, or whatever is needed until we round the bends, rise from the valleys, and escape the Satanic influences. That love is The Love, the only true love.


Any of the books mentioned can be purchased through Amazon, Kindle, online through most major book stores or through me.

On Satan’s Island

Paranormal fiction novel about a newly wed couple who’s yacht cruise adventure leads to being shipwrecked on an uncharted island off Australia inhabited by demon worshippers.



Through the Valley of the Shadow

A romantic intrigue fiction novel: Marcy James finds her easy, rich life disrupted. She is confused about her feelings for Josh Crockett and Geoff Westin. But this dilemma becomes the least of her issues when she is attacked and nearly raped by a gang and continually stalked by one of the attackers.


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