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Franklin St Bazaar


On Saturday, August 18, I displayed my three novels for sale at the Franklin St Bazaar in Evansville, Indiana. I admit I was not looking forward to it. August in southern Indiana can be uncomfortably hot and muggy. Also, I prefer participating in events like these with other authors and in this one I was alone.

The weather forecast was for rain for the afternoon which left the morning hours overcast accompanied by a soothing, steady cooling breeze. This helped me escape the dreaded August misery potential. I decided to only stay until noon or 1:00 pm and miss the thunderstorm predicted. This turned out to be a good decision as on my way home, it stormed. By leaving at noon, I was also able to support two fellow local authors, Tim Heerdink, Red Flag and Other Poems and Patricia Weinzapfel, No More Mumbo Jumbo: Bridging the Gap Between Educators and Families by attending their book signings. This was both Authors’ first published book.

I am attaching a few pics from my event.

Simon P. Moore, pictured above playing the guitar, set up across from my tent. It was like Muzak is to department stores, only better because it was live music. It also helped the time pass more quickly. It turns out that Simon is also an author and I was able to share with him about the Midwest Writer’s Guild.

Simon was not the only author I met and with which I was able to share about the Guild. Unfortunately, due to my ineptness at networking, I did not get names, but two very nice young ladies are looking for supportive help for their works-in-progress. I believe they can be an encouragement and benefit from other authors’ trials and errors.

A wonderful idea that is in the works was shared with me by another author, Martha Robinson and I was able to exchange with her information about the Writer’s Guild. I think her idea and some tips she’s learned from her experiences would benefit other writers and others’ experiences could encourage her.

Another thing I failed to do was get names and emails from customers and potential customers. I would like to connect and hear from readers, those showing an interest in my work and in writing, and networking with other authors. I can do that better next time.

On Satan’s Island

Paranormal fiction novel about a newly wed couple who’s yacht cruise adventure leads to being shipwrecked on an uncharted island off Australia inhabited by demon worshippers.


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