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Bold Move Or Foolish Decision

It was my plan to follow up On Satan’s Island by returning to Satan’s Island where I left off. I followed that plan all year until yesterday.

I struggled with that work in progress. It wasn’t progressing. The WIP’s mapping was dull and lifeless. I was constantly trying desperately to revive it, but it was not responding well to treatment.

At one point, I reread an article about plotting a novel based on the three act concept ( believing that I was the problem and my writer’s spirit needed refreshing. It’s worked before but not this time.

All the while, several other storylines were trying to get my attention. This is not a rarity. It happened during the writing of other novels. Sometimes, it was a good break from the current WIP and when I’d return, I’d see the WIP in a whole new, refreshing way and progress with greater intent and passion. This wasn’t happening this time.

Then, my Pride took control and I glorified the situation fantasizing that because I was writing about Satan and overcoming him, Satan was trying to stop me. I soon came to my senses and realized Satan is not afraid of me or my measly little WIP.

One of the before mentioned storylines kept tugging on the hem of my heart. This annoying distraction happened regularly. I’d be reading and feel the tugging. While quietly watching television with my wife, this little story creeps in and tumbles around in my head. Even while I communicate with my Lord, this little stinker dances, somersaults, and vies for my attention.

Yesterday, I decided to lay aside my current WIP and focus on another. I cannot tell you if this is a brilliantly bold move or a sorrowful mistake. I can tell you that I followed that decision by mapping out a rough draft and had a wonderful time doing so. Before I realized it, the morning had thrust into afternoon.

This morning, several scenarios for this new endeavor shook me out of sleep and into writing mode. This hasn’t happened for several months. So, #AuthorConfession, my responses may look a little different as Bobbi Woods goes into hiding and new main characters (MC) develop.

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