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Say It Loud & Say It Clear

Watching the protests against immigration policies that separated families and bans immigrants and refugees because of nationality, ethnic, religion, and/or financial position, I felt moved to publish this poem.

I heard them cheer,

“Say it loud. Say it clear.

We welcome immigrants here.

Say it loud. Say it clear.

We welcome refugees here.”

I hear when I hear,

We will not be ruled by hate and fear.

American tradition holds love as dear.

The novels I write have love as the underlying theme based on my core belief and daily goal to love God with all my being and my “neighbor” as much as I love myself with the clear knowledge that my neighbor might be needing help and being “neighborly” might cost me something precious.

I also believe it is what drew my immigrant ancestors to the United States of America.

I believe if we change our immigration policies, the change should align those policies with what is commonly referred to as the Golden Rule and not be governed by fear.

I feel the White House’s immigration policies and bans are governed by fear and will eventually do more harm to America.

I agree we need strong immigration policies that protect us from criminals and enemies. I do not feel that bans based on nationality, ethnicity, religion, or need is the proper way to determine criminal elements or value.

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Douglas Knight

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  1. I agree with you. We shouldn’t govern out of fear. Yes, we do need strong policies. However, America was built by immigrants who came to the land if the free. Freedom should not be biased.

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