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Have You Ever Seen a Green Diamond?

You may own a clear cut diamond or two. Chocolate diamonds are a fairly recent phenomenon, White diamonds have been around awhile. The term blood diamond is associated with Africa, I believe. But have you ever seen a green diamond? If you’re an American – North or Central -or a Japanese, I am pretty certain you have.

Probably every city of any size in the US has a diamond and nearly all of them are green. Surely by now, you’ve guessed that I am referring to the baseball diamond. The Major League Baseball season has officially started which in the US also marks the presents of spring and summer.

My favorite sport is basketball. I lettered in track in high school and that school is known throughout the state as a football school. Yet, baseball is at the heart of some of my favorite movies like The Natural, Field of Dreams, and Sandlot.

A sad note or at least it seems sad to me, as a writer and reader, I do not remember one book I’ve read and enjoyed that was centered around or even mentioned baseball. I am sure there are many books about baseball. I need to research that. I may find one to read. Who knows, I might even write one.

Mentioning baseball, my hometown of Evansville, Indiana boasts of having one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the world, Bosse Field, home of the Evansville Otters. It was also the main site used in the movie A League of Their Own, another pretty popular baseball movie. Google Bosse Field if you think I’m lying.

There have been several Evansville natives who have made the major leagues and had successful careers. If I mention some, I would somehow inaccurately demean the accomplishments of the others and to mention them all would take up too much space. If you’re curious, let Google do it.

Well, the next time you’re at the jewelers, you can ask if they’re familiar with the green diamond. I’d be curious to know what they say. As far now, PLAY BALL!

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