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Reading At Art Gallery

As a member of the Southwestern Indiana Writers Guild, I was able to read from my latest work. Fifteen authors participated at the StaC Art Gallery in Evansville, Indiana, Tuesday, March 13.

I have pieced together from snaps a tiny glimpse of my part where I read from Chapter 1 of On Satan’s Island.

This was my first time to do a public reading, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was quite nervous and failed to properly introduce myself and my novels.

I did enjoy sharing from my book, listening to other wonderful works of art, and mingling with other artists and patrons.

StaC Art Gallery is a fabulous place to visit, enjoy snacks and beverages, peruse and purchase great local art and literature, and meet fascinating people. StaC is conveniently located on the east end of the Arts Overlay of Haynie’s Corner Arts District of Evansville on the corner of Washington Avenue and Elliot Street in a beautifully renovated 1891 Queen Anne house which probably has some interesting stories hidden in folds of its history. The owner is also a great artist as well as lover of art. I appreciate his hosting this event. I extend a special thanks to Miai Almaraz of StaC Gallery and Jean Knight Pace for organizing the event.

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