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Hey, Readers! Yeah, You two

I am trying to follow a monthly Tweet plan with other authors through #AuthorConfessions. I do it to give readers a glimpse into my personality, my ideals, and some of the struggles and joys of this writer. I think it also builds a stronger bond with other authors as well. Day 16 of February asks, “What would you like to tell your readers?” There are a few things, so I thought I’d use this post.

You might think the first thing I’d like to say to my readers is buy my books. I do want you to do that, but I hope you do that any way, because they’re enjoyable reading. To assure that my books are worth your time to read them, I need for you to talk to me. I want to know what you thought, what you liked and what you disliked. If something I wrote moved you, changed you, made you think, or offended you, tell me.  The communication and interaction will help me grow as a writer and a person. I want to know. I need to know. Please talk to me.

If you have read my book or when you have read my book, go to and write a review. This is a way to provide a critique for me and let potential readers decide to spend their money here or elsewhere.

I have taken the time to and energy to provide several ways in which readers can give me feed back, get to know me and what I’m about, and promote interaction. I also want to know a little bit about you. This website is one way, but don’t just “like” a post, once in awhile (or always) comment on the post. This is the same for other sources I have – Twitter, @dugnmis and Facebook, Doug Knight Author Page. Don’t just stalk the pages or “like” the post or tweet only, please comment as often as possible. Through Facebook, you can also message me.

Another way for you to communicate with me is to email me at Tell me about you, ask questions about the writing process, make suggestions, inform me about good causes that you support, and even other good books. I’d love to hear from you.

The second thing, I’d like to ask of readers is to tell others. Tell friends about my website or a specific website post you enjoyed. Tell them about my books. Give them my email address and Facebook page. A good way to tell friends about me and it is quick and painless, too,  is to SHARE or RETWEET. I would love to come speak at your church, club, or organization. When you go to the library, bookstore, or any store that sells books, give them my name.

There you have it. This is something I’ve always wanted to share with my readers. Mostly, I am a pleaser. This is who I am. Sometimes it serves me well and sometimes it hurts. I want to know what you like. I want to grow as a person and a writer. Please talk to me and tell your friends, so I can enlarge my circle of friends and hopefully readership.

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