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A Heart For … What?

I literally shy away from answering the question “what is your favorite” believing that my taste is so eclectic that choosing is hard. There may be some deep, dark psychological rationale why I cannot claim a favorite song, book, food, etc. I’m standing firm on the eclectic excuse for now.

I started following #AuthorConfessions on Twitter and I believe dodged a “favorite” question earlier in the month. I say “dodged,”but it was more like ignored. But the suggested author confessions for Days 12 and 13 are both “what’s your fav” responses. Since Twitter only allows minimal wording and I’ve got some explaining to do, I’ll post this and introduce it with a Tweet.

Day 12 of Author Confessions asked, “Why do you love your favorite book?” This obviously requires that I have a favorite book which causes a dilemma for me, but you knew that already. But my first thought after that is the Bible.

The Bible? Are you kidding? No, and I’m not trying to appear super pious or righteous or religious, because I definitely am not any of those things. I chose that book because I have read it more often than any other book, I usually gain something from it that’s why I return, I find many of the stories interesting, and I’ve culled from it some fascinating story ideas.

One more thing about the Bible, before I move on. When I mentioned that I gain from it, the learning is twofold. There is the moral, ethical and spiritual value. But I also believe the Bible is good literature. The book’s authors craft their stories and historical accounts in a way that emphasizes a specific underlying theme, moral, characteristic of God or humanity. As a writer, I can learn from and admire their literary ability. I think reading the Bible as literature helps one gain a better understanding of what the authors are wanting to express just like any well written book.

That brings us to the second of these “what’s your fav” ordeals. “Share your genre and why you love it.” This one definitely causes me anxiety. I labeled my first two novels as romance. To be honest, I’m not fully convinced that they fit the modern definition of romance. A River Bend may qualify more than Through the Valley of the Shadow. There is a romance in them between the main characters and it could be argued that their romance is at the epicenter of all other activity. That is not why I tagged them as romance novels, though, but I feel that explanation is for another blog post.

My next project which I hope evolves into a series can best be described as supernatural adventure or possibly even occult adventure. I don’t want to disappoint readers, especially readers who do have a favorite genre, but I thought it would be fun to write this story and it fits the message I want to share better than romance. Basically, though, I thought it would be more fun and it was an idea that possessed my brain and then spilled out on the pages. I was just the instrument used to scratch it out.

I don’t have a favorite genre to read. I like mysteries, comedies, history, and historical fiction and many others. I would like to write a mystery or a detective novel. I actually have a high word count on a detective novel tucked away and outlines and drafts of some historical fiction. If I felt more confident in my argumentative writing ability, I have an outline for a nonfiction.

I guess I’m still trying to find my style or maybe discover who I am. Possibly, the lesson here is I love to write and I love to grow and learn and live life fully. I am most alive when I am writing.

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