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Valentines Gift

I have to start thinking and planning for Valentines as soon as February hits. If I don’t my wife gets the boring typical gifts of chocolates and a card. She deserves more than that.

This morning, I mentioned Valentines to Melissa and she was clear that she wants to go dancing. I also just finished an original poem I want to share with her. I think she’ll like it.

Even though poetry is not really my gift, I prefer it to a card for Valentines or anniversary. I’ve given cards to my wife before, but finding just the right card was difficult and I usually settled for something ALMOST perfect.

The original poem seems more intimate and from my wife’s reaction, I believe she thinks so, too. So, I thought I would throw this suggestion out to any who are reading this post. Why not give the love of your life an original poem for Valentines? I will also share some tips to help encourage you.

First of all, do not be intimidated to try even though you may not be super at writing poetry. After all, you’re not trying to win a prize or publish your work. The intention is to express your true feelings and not someone else’s generic words. Plus, remember you are presenting this to the one who knows you’re not perfect and loves you any way.

I found this advice at and think it is good advice for this purpose.

“Don’t worry about making your poem sound too sappy or romantic. Just be yourself, use your personality, and write about the things that might be a little harder to say out loud. Yeah, it sounds corny, but the best poems are the ones that come from your heart.”

Remember, too, a poem doesn’t have to rhyme to be beautiful. But in case you feel your poem needs to rhyme, there are thesaurus’s on line and helps with rhyming words. You can always Google “rhymes with (blank).

Poems are about rhythm more than rhyme. A poem is also about choosing the best word – the word expressing the truest emotion or feeling. A thesaurus is good for that too, especially if you’re like me with a limited vocabulary. Don’t overdo it, though and lose the real you. The words you use should still coincide with your personality.

If just the right word is unavailable or definitely not you, then comparisons are good. In the poem I hope to present to my wife I wrote “cuter than kittens at play” to describe my wife. I chose that image because 1) kittens are really cute and 2) my wife adores cats and thinks that there is nothing cuter than kittens. Smart! Right!

I don’t want to make this sound too complicated. Again, you’re probably just wanting to do something nice for that special person in your life. It won’t matter to him/her if it is not a Pulitzer Prize winning poem. Any gift that comes from you will be special, especially when it shows forethought on your part.

I also would like to share that the poem should be only part of the Valentines. Take your love to dinner, present them with flowers or candy or flowers and candy. Make sure whatever else you do, it is something they like and will enjoy. If your dearest is a reader, a book of the genre of their choice is always nice. I might be able to help with that, too (hint, hint).

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