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On Satan’s Island

Shortly, I will be releasing another novel, On Satan’s Island. This time, the story will be a supernatural adventure story, not a romance or romance adventure. But like Through the Valley of the Shadow, the chapter titles are also song titles. The songs that they mirror will not be secular rock or R&B or Hip Hop, but contemporary gospel tunes or hymns.

The story takes place  when a couple, Rainsford and Ivy Davis, honeymooning in Australia are invited on a yacht trip between Darwin, Australia and the Tiwi Islands and are shipwrecked along with a Tongan, Attama Hafoka on an unidentified island. They are rescued by the islanders, but soon discover the islanders have some strange and eerie customs which include regular worship and human sacrifices to Satan.

They struggle to find a way to escape the island and efforts to do so are thwarted by the islanders. The threesome do meet a mysterious and wild young woman named Bobbi Woods who does help them try and get free from the island. Bobbi, along with her missionary father and mother were also shipwrecked on the island some time before.

Bobbi lives away from the village in the forest of the island and chooses not to wear clothing. She appears civilized and educated at times, though and is crafty and intelligent.  At times, she even performs near miraculous and almost superhuman feats. Her mysterious ways make it difficult at times to trust her and believe her, yet she becomes the trio’s final hope of freedom.

In their endeavor to flee the island, they experience physical assault and an attack by a dark, ethereal entity and wander in the wilderness being hunted by the islanders.

All-in-all, I believe the adventures make for an exciting tale that will keep the reader engaged with the characters and their physical, emotional and psychological trials. The themes are a little more subtle than earlier works of mine. The song titles as chapter titles become the strongest hints to the themes.

I finish this post by listing as acknowledgment and gratitude the artists who recorded the songs I used as chapter titles. The artist names appear in the chapters chronological order.

Hyde W. Beadon, Kathryn Scott, Matt Redman, John Waller, Kari Jobe, Skillet, Casey J, Francesca Battistelli, Rich Mullens, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson, MercyMe, Marvin Sapp, Richard Smallwood, Steve Fee, Brandon Heath, Elevation Music, Lecrae, William McDowell, David Crowder, Sanctus Real, The Isaacs, Ruth Fazal, Barlow Girl, Herman Murray, The Carr Family, and Casting Crowns




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