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Love for a Season

In my romance novel, Through the Valley of the Shadow, the chapter titles are also titles of songs. A River Bend has no chapter titles and I wanted to change that for any other novels I write. I find it nearly traumatic to choose a title, so I softened the agony by internet searching songs with similar themes or verbiage matching the main idea of the chapter. It actually made it rather fun. While adding more task to the creating of the book, I could also enjoy listening to some songs. I thought I’d write a post or some posts sharing parts of the chapters and the connection to the song.

“Never My Love” is the title of the first chapter in Through the Valley of the Shadow. “‘Never My Love” is a pop standard written by American siblings Donald and Richard Addrisi and best known from a hit 1967 recording by The Association,”(

I enjoyed The Association and there mellow soft rock or easy listening sound as a teen. I remember relaxing on our deck behind the home my family lived in during my late teen years in Evansville, Indiana. The image I have is of a skinny young me lounging on my back gazing up into a warm summer, star-filled night sky and songs like this one wafting out into cyberspace and landing on these future memories.

The lyrics of the song do not fit the events of the chapter… or do they? You will need to decide when you read or reread the first chapter of Through the Valley of the Shadow. The song basically answers the question also posed in the song of whether , “this heart of mine/ Will lose its desire for you.” The answer is in the title, “never my love” (

The chapter begins with Marcy James thinking about her relationship with Josh Crockett. They met and fell in love in the previous novel A River Bend. Marcy is struggling with her true feelings for Josh in this opening chapter.

Marcy James leans against the railing of the terrace of her penthouse apartment. Her thoughts wonder from her decision to sleep in this Sunday morning which seems lazy to her, to whether she should have gone to church with her younger brother, Lee, whom she raises since their parents’ death, to how much she loves her balcony. One other thought keeps trying to grab a moment of attention, but she keeps dismissing it as she is not ready to wrestle with it this warm but gorgeous September Sunday morning.

Marcy stares out at the bend in the river and watches a barge lazily creep down and out of sight. Its wake is sprinkled by sparkling sunlight like diamonds. The sun glistening off the river mesmerizes her into vulnerability and the one thought she avoids grows too strong for her to ignore.

“Like a silly little school girl,” Marcy concludes, “I trusted my heart to Josh Crockett.”

She tries desperately to dismiss this thought, again, but just like her feelings for Josh, this thought is overpowering. She walks away from the railing and turns her back on the hypnotic view of this side of the bend in the river.

The thought persists, “Why do I think there could ever be a future with him?”

Tears begin to moisten her eyes and she bats them back with multiple quick blinks of her eyes, She fights the tears off with reason.

“Some people we love for a season,” she argues, “Josh’s season is coming to a close. He showed me Christ’s love and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

Through the Valley of the Shadow, pages 1, 2

Shortly after this, she receives a surprise visit by a former lover, Geoff Westin and is faced with how easily she fell in love with Geoff, who is a married man. He informs her that he still loves her and is leaving his wife for Marcy.

To add a little more back story and help you understand some of Marcy’s dilemma. In A River Bend, Josh has left Marcy to go back to his current home and counseling practice in Florida to do the responsible things to end his Florida practice and return to Indiana and marry Marcy. He has stayed in contact, each day as we learn in Through the Valley of the Shadow.  Yet, after some time, he hasn’t returned.

Josh has promised Marcy that he will always love her and in chapter one, so does Geoff Westin. Basically, two men are saying the following to Marcy James.

How can you think love will end
When I’ve asked you to spend your whole life
With me

Writer(s): Richard P. Addrisi, Donald J. Addrisi

“Never My Love”

Join me while I reach out and “capture a moment” (lyrics from another The Association song, “Windy”) and listen to their version of “Never My Love.” Thanks for your company. Hope to talk again soon.

The Association- Never My Love – YouTube


Through the Valley of the Shadow

A romantic intrigue fiction novel: Marcy James finds her easy, rich life disrupted. She is confused about her feelings for Josh Crockett and Geoff Westin. But this dilemma becomes the least of her issues when she is attacked and nearly raped by a gang and continually stalked by one of the attackers.


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