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Through the Valley of the Shadow and A River Bend are my two published novels. Through the Valley of the Shadow is available for preview, purchase and/or leaving a review through A River Bend can be previewed and reviewed on, but is best purchased through my email. Through the Valley of the Shadow can also be purchased by emailing me.

Both these novels are labeled romance novels or Christian romance novels. I have completed a third, but have not yet published it.  I will say more about this novel, later. As for now, let’s call this novel a supernatural adventure novel.

All three novels are influenced by my Christian beliefs, but written for anyone to enjoy. All three and any other works I might be blessed to complete and/or publish will also be influenced by my beliefs. You can get a glimpse of the story lines by going to the Menu and selecting “My Books.” This post is here to explain my purpose and current motivation for writing.

“We are made in the image of the First Entrepreneur; thus, when we follow his call to create… we are not just doing something good for the world, we are doing something God-like.” Jordan Raynor, Called to Create

The quote above is from the book acknowledged above which I have just begun to read as of this writing. I begin here, not to exalt myself or the works of my hands. On the contrary, I know there are much greater works of art as well as men and women who have accomplished so much more than I am capable of doing. People who are better spouses, teachers, parents, grandparents, managers than I.

I begin here to say that as I child of nine, I am sure I discovered my true calling. I wanted to be a writer. I knew this because writing stories and illustrating them gave me the greatest peace and contentment. Sadly, I failed to follow that calling completely. I believe now, because I had the wrong motivation and so little faith in myself.

A River Bend was published in 2013 when I was sixty-three years old.  Doing the math, you would suspect that is fifty-four years to finally answer the call. It took those fifty-four years of life to learn how to answer the call. Yet, even today, I sometimes fall back into old habits and heart and mind sets. God has directed my footsteps all along the way and given me opportunities through successes, failures, joys and heartaches to learn what I knew and understood better ate age six, seven, eight and nine when it was a simple and pure understanding that I was better with God and his plan for me was the best life.

Now, I write, not to be the best selling author or to establish a legacy that lives on after I’m gone to be with God. I write because God gave me that gift and it is a way to thank him and serve him. This motivates me to do my best and not concern over whether it is the best. By writing, I can share with others and maybe help someone else discover God and the best he has to offer them.

I still get discouraged at times because millions of people haven’t purchased my novels. But that is when I have fallen into the old mind set. After God lifts me out of that discouragement, I am motivated to do more. It might mean more marketing or campaigning to give more people the opportunity to choose to purchase one of these works. It might mean creating another book or perfect the one I’m writing. It might mean drawing closer to God so I can reflect him and not me.

Whatever it means, it means I get to walk that path with my God and experience life at its fullest. It can mean the same for you, too, whatever your vocation or purpose in life is.

If you would like more information about how you can experience life to the fullest, the books I’ve written, my Christian beliefs, my writing experience, please feel free to email me at I’d love to hear from you.




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Douglas Knight

I write about what I'm thinking or what I've imagined in an effort to regain that childhood imagination and marry with my many years of real experiences. I'm getting better at it the more I write.I am a published author of two romantic intrigue novels.My books can be found at or if you want a personalized copy, by emailing me at

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