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The Thrilling Life of an Author

I love to write and to read. I have enjoyed both for a very long time. I wanted to publish a novel since the fourth grade, but did not actively pursue that dream until just recently which is a few decades past fourth grade when I published my first novel A River Bend. I have since published a second one entitled Through the Valley of the Shadow.

I am working on a third and I have not decided on a title for it. I plan in the near future to share the basic plot line with readers of this blog and ask for your help to come up with a title. I digress. I used to wonder how many books I could have published if I seriously pursued a writing career, let’s say, from my late twenties or early thirties. I have sense stopped wondering knowing what I know now about marketing the novels you write.

If you’re a writer yourself, you know what I mean when I say that even starting twenty or thirty years earlier, I might not have many more novels completed and published than the two I have now. The things you have to do to get the reading public to know and care about what you’ve written takes a lot of time. If it doesn’t take up the author’s time, the author will invest a lot of money to have someone else invest a lot of time. Most of the authors I know – very talented and serious authors by the way – have not reached enough of an audience, yet, to afford to pay someone thousands of dollars to gain the recognition they deserve.

So, what is the life of an author like? You write and you reflect. You observe and try to continue to understand the fast changing culture so you can relate to your audience. You also have to learn to do that while you create sell sheets, elevator speeches, copy write ups, etc. To do that well, you talk to other authors, read blogs of other authors, attend forums about writing, read whatever you can about marketing, create and place ads on social media, newspapers, other blogs, etc. You attend book signings, read excerpts from your work wherever you can and pass out business cards and giveaway things that have your contact information at public events where you are welcomed.

My title is purposely misleading. Sometimes it’s not so thrilling or at least as “thrill” might be defined by today’s culture. I am not trying to complain. I enjoy attending events and I am learning a lot about marketing. I hope to share some of what I learn with anyone who reads my blog once I feel I have experienced enough to share something of value. I still have a lot to learn.

I would like to share some of the things I have done in the past week or so to give you an idea of what I address in this blog post.

IMG_0912In the picture to the left, I am presenting a PowerPoint on the “Benefits of Reading a Book” for the Evansville Local Authors Willard Library Series at Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana.





The following images were captured at the Warrick County Rotary Club’s Literacy Walk at Castle High School in Newburgh, Indiana. The event supports literacy and held a raffle for which the proceeds went to promote literacy education in the Warrick County Schools.  All the schools were represented by teachers, parents and students. Each student received a free book for walking. Our Evansville Local Authors group displayed some of our books and several authors, including myself, donated books to the raffle.

Next, we have a video featuring three of the authors in the Evansville Local Authors group who read an excerpt from one of their books. Jean Knight Pace read from Grey Stone, Phoenix Hagar read from “Heaven” and Lanea Stagg read from one of her Recipe Records book, a chapter (recipe) entitled “Dave Grohlicious.” M. Dianne Grotius Berry and I attended to support our three fellow authors.
The readings were sponsored by the Southwest Ivy Tech English Department of Ivy Tech in Evansville, Indiana. Several of their students and faculty also read from their own or a favorite poem or book. The symposium was entitled “Finding My Voice.”

Thanks for joining me in my thrilling author experience. If you have questions or comments or are interested in finding out more about my books or any of the mentioned authors, complete the following contact sheet and I’ll personally get back with you.

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