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I “Googled” the benefits of reading a book and found this piece of bad news. “All aging humans will develop some degree of decline in cognitive capacity, usually in the following symptoms: forgetfulness, decreased ability to maintain focus and decreased problem solving skills” ( Fortunately, there is help and it isn’t in the form of a pill. The Huffington Post tells us that reading reduces that decline by as much as 32% ( n 4081258.html). Let’s look into this a bit deeper.

'Er...have I just been or am I just going?'

If you have ever risen from the couch on your way to somewhere and in just a few steps, forgotten where that somewhere is or why you are heading there, it isn’t hard to believe that aging reduces memory. But how does reading help reduce the speed of that process? By recalling characters, backgrounds, subplots, and/or facts you are reading, you create new synapses (brain paths) as well as reinforcing old ones (

Multi-tasking has become a way of life for most Americans and it has its advantages. We are able to carry on a live conversation while emailing or texting. We can grab a quick bite while driving or fix a meal and watch TV. But Life Hack suggests that this type of activity also increases stress levels as well as lowers the concentration on one or the other. This article recommends reading a good book to focus on and make all other distractions disappear.

Life Hack also suggests that our critical thinking skills can be enhanced by analyzing plot, character development and a smooth story line of a favorite novel. (

The problem – Getting older and losing some memory, ability to concentrate and analyze. The solution – Reading a good book.


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