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Swallowing Pride

In the last several blog posts, I used Song of Songs (Song of Solomon) to help us see and understand God’s character, especially His love for Creation. My fascination with the Biblical love story influences more research and study, because I truly want to know more about God and know Him better.

Through that research, I discovered a book that I purchased and began to read entitled Song of Solomon: A Love Story with a Hidden Message, Stephen F. Shober. If my posts have heightened your interest in Song of Solomon, I recommend this book. I haven’t completed reading it, but what I have read, I enjoyed and profited.

Product DetailsSong of Solomon: A Love Story with a Hidden Message by Stephen F. Shober




This post is not intended to be a review or endorsement of the above mentioned book. The post is also not a continuation of my Song of Solomon series of posts. What this post as morphed into is an apology. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am not a theologian and even though I have a Masters degree in English and taught English, writing and literature as well as grammar, I believe I may have violated an important rule about studying literature. I let my own personal philosophy keep me from considering the background and audience when interpreting the deeper meaning of the Biblical book.

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I state that the Bride and the King may represent Christ and His Church. Although that idea did not originate with me and is held by more scholarly people than myself, Mr. Shober makes a very good argument declaring that interpretation as not “rightly dividing the Word.” Which when I read his admonition, I admit it stung a bit. My wife can tell you that I am capable of admitting I’m wrong, but usually not without a fight. In this case, after the struggle, I do believe I am wrong. It appears in the Old Testament, positioned between Wisdom and Prophetic books, written by an Israeli king who wrote to an Israeli audience. Mr. Shober provides other strong argument for the book being about God and Israel, not Christ and the Church which I will not discuss on this post.


This admission does not deter us from studying this wonderful love story as a means to understand God and how much he loves us. As Mr.Shober points out also in his book about the Song of Solomon (SOS).

“One has to read the Church into SOS because it is not there. That said, we must not error in the opposite extreme. We must humbly recall that all Scripture is written for us and is profitable for us. As we search SOS, we find eternal principles for us to treasure and passages that clearly teach of our Savior’s love and faithfulness.”

I hope to continue to share with you those “eternal principles” that I find in this love story as it helps us tell our spiritual love story with the Creator that loves us more than we have ever been loved or ever will be loved.

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