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Song of Songs Study

My purpose for this entire blogging exercise is to glorify God by expressing how much love he has for us and how much he has shown me. I also have written and published two fictional novels, A River Bend and Through the Valley of the Shadow, to try and get that message out using that genre. The other side of the coin, which is the blessing part for us, is that we can experience a close relationship with the God who created and continues to love us. That relationship develops into the full, rich satisfying life we all desire. I believe it is the only way to find that life.

Two of my posts most recently have been video via Powerpoint presentation – The Greatest Love Ever and Peter Wept. Both of these videos tried to point out how great and all-encompassing God’s love is. It’s the greatest love of all. God’s love is as strong for us during our triumphs or our fails.

I am beginning a study of the Song of Songs or as some know it, Song of Solomon. If you follow this blog or would like to follow it, I invite you to read and/or study Song of Songs with me. I believe it will depict and share allegorically with us what Christ’s love for his followers is like. What I learn, I will share in the next one or more posts. Please join me in the study and interact with comments on the blog, my Facebook page, Living Faith or to my email address,

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