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A Life of Harmony

I recently posted one survey question on my Facebook page asking for responses to what readers thought would make the perfect life. From the over 200 readers, only two commented. I guess if I were running for political office or wanted to crunch the statistics to make it appear more successful, I could have said,”Out of over 200 surveyed, the responses ranged from ‘live at the beach’ to ‘live in harmony with Jesus.'” But, honestly, those were the two answers.

Speculating as to why more people didn’t answer is bordering on the foolish. But I do it anyway. My first response is that people don’t care for the question or that they find the question uninteresting. People really don’t like responding to every post, either. There are so many posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc. that you have to choose. Some people just don’t like to respond in writing. The response might have been too personal. Some people might have thought it was a trick question. Any of these might have been reasons why so few felt encouraged to respond.

If your like me, sometimes I don’t respond because I don’t have an answer or I’m not sure if the way I’d answer today is the way I’d answer under different circumstances.I’m still searching for the answer. This is the reason I write this blog. Specifically to share what my limited human experiences is teaching me about the good life – the full, rich life promised by Christ to come to those who follow Him.

I am always questioning, examining and or analyzing events in mine or my friends’, relatives’ and acquaintances’ lives. Then, comparing that to what I know of God and the Bible at that point in my life’s journey and then fitting the experiences and the God-knowledge into a definition of a life. Once I’ve made some kind of sense out of it all, I love writing and sharing it with others through tweets, posts and whatever books I might publish.  I guess for me, the sharing is the full, rich life.

If I could do that writing on the beach or in my comfortable beach house with the rush of the ocean waves in the background, it would even be more rich. I agree with the other response, too, that sharing my experiences and analysis in harmony with Jesus makes it fuller as well, because it means I am doing what I’m made to do.

The point I want to make is in full agreement with what Cheryl said. No matter what your life is physically, materially, emotionally, if your living in a harmonious, loving relationship with Jesus, your living the good life. It may not feel good all the time. In this world, you will have troubles, even at the beach, but Christ has overcome the world and can help you overcome the trouble and comfort you with that confidence during the troubles while your living the life designed for you (John 16:33 and 2 Corinthians 1:4).

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Douglas Knight

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